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MARBEN INTERNATIONAL are delighted and excited about the launch of a fantastic new invetsment opportunity in Panama.


Palacio Del Mar is a luxury residential resort nestled between the unspoiled beachfront of Panama’s Caribbean Sea, the placid tides of Almirante Bay, and flanked by the pristine rainforest of historic Bocas Del Toro, Panama. Palacio Del Mar will set a new standard for vacation living, providing everything that the discerning buyer has come to expect and so much more. As one of Christopher Columbus’s first points of arrival located just 24 miles from Costa Rica, Bocas Del Toro has remained a quaint island paradise filled with some of the world’s most exotic plants and animals.
large glass paneled walls - perfect for viewing breathtaking sunrises.

Residents will enjoy privileged access to a private world class Marina and Yacht Club as well as the full use of an exclusive spa, professionally equipped gym and first class restaurant. Palacio Del Mar will combine the ultimate in refined, sophisticated design with an abiding respect for both the social environment and the natural beauty of the area.

The 161 low-density units at Palacio Del Mar range from one to three bedrooms, and will each feature a water view, comfortably elegant, expansive layouts and state of the art appliances. The Caribbean Beach Residences will boast wooden floors harvested from sustainable forests and

3. What are the facilities and amenities?
a. 24 Hour Concierge
b. Views of the Caribbean Sea and Almirante Bay
c. Private Yacht Club
d. Private Billiards Room and Library
e. Full Service Bar
f. Fitness Center
g. Jacuzzi with Ocean View
h. Reflection Spa Whirlpool & Infinity Edge
i. The Aqua Spa
i. 4 Beautiful Treatment Areas with Spectacular Views
ii. Spacious Soaking Pools
iii. Steam Baths
iv. Private Men’s & Women’s Moon Terraces
v. Co-ed Meditation & Relaxation Area
vi. Men and Women’s Lockers
vii. Full Salon
j. Direct Pool Access from Lanai
k. World Class Restaurant
l. Water Features
i. Sailing
ii. Surfing
iii. Boating
iv. Swimming
v. Snorkeling
vi. Scuba Diving/Lessons
vii. World-Class Fishing

Why Panama?
Panamas care services are excellent --- most doctors in Panama’s
have been educated in the United States in US style hospital.
Great Climate --- Temperatures average 75 to 86 degrees F year round.
Panama has the highest rating for tourist safety from the prestigious
Pinkerton Intelligence Agency.
Panama is blessed by nature. It is the only country in Central America that
is absolutely hurricane-free. Panama also has none of the destructive
earthquakes that plague its Central American neighbors.
English is spoken as a second language and Panamanian people are among
the friendliest in the world.
Easy-to-get-to exotic tropical rainforest, beautiful mountain refuges,
Caribbean style beaches, Miami-style capital city, historical sites, diving,
rafting, golf, sports fishing, not to mention the 8th wonder of the world and
engineering marvel – the Panama Canal.
Families will find a number of excellent private schools to choose from.
Most foreign capitals have just one American accredited school, but Panama
City has three: the International School, Balboa Academy and Oxford
The main currency is the American Dollar.

Retire at 18…One extraordinary thing about Panama’s pensionado program is
that it is not based You can “retirement” age based. enjoy retirement benefits even if you’re as young as 18. If you can document a minimum monthly pension of $500 (plus another $1000 per dependent),you are eligible for a long list of perks, including:

◦ Import duty exemption for household goods.
◦ Tax exemption to import a new car every two years.
◦ 50% off entertainment anywhere in the country (movies, theaters,
concerts, sporting events),50% off hotel stays, 50% reduction in closing
costs for home loans.
◦ 25% off airline tickets, 25% off all restaurants, 25% discounts on utility
◦ 20% off medical consultations.
◦ 15% off hospital bills (if no insurance applies),15% off dental and eye
exams, 15% off loans made in your name.
◦ 10% off prescription medicines.
◦ 1% less on home mortgages for homes used for personal residence.

Facts about Panama

The U.S. dollar is the official currency.
Most people are bilingual in Spanish and English.
Panama’s emphasis in education has resulted in a 90.8% literacy rate.
Panamanians enjoy the highest per capita incomes in Central America.
Panama’s water supply is safe to drink in most areas without fear of
“Montezuma’s revenge.”
Medical care is abundant, inexpensive, and high quality (doctors don’t have
to pay the high malpractice insurance fees they do in the US).
The infrastructure rivals that of the US with accessible roads, international
airports with daily flights to the US, and public and mass transportation.
Panama’s constitution guarantees religious freedom.
Considered the banking capital of Central America, Panama is a privacy and
tax haven second only to Switzerland.

Are the condos titled?

Yes. All condo units are titled, with public deeds registered in the public registry of Panama. Condos can be registered in your own personal name, joint name, or in the name of a corporation, private interest foundation or trust.

What are the property tax exonerations?

The new property tax laws establish that properties over $300,000 price range qualify for 20 year property tax exoneration.

Prices start at US$258,000

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Chiriqui in Panama is a bright spot

Your posting is wonderful and I applaud you but, there are other areas where retirees and investors should also look such as Chiriqui.

There is a new 'For Sale by Owners' site as well that people should be aware of which is growing in both size and visitor numbers and I wish I could let everyone know more about it but this site doesn't allow such a small time site to be given marketing space, which is a real shame because this goes against the stated Ethos of this site.

The site isn't a real estate "business" per se just a site where Owners can promote and market their properties.

I hope this is okay to respond like this.

If anyone would like the site details please get in touch with me offline

Have a wonderful day everyone.