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The Dominican Republic is covered in gorgeous beaches and surrounded by a relaxed culture. Tourism is
continuing to grow within the area and with many international airports, it is easy and convenient to
travel to the area. There are many untapped areas of real estate within the Dominican Republic, and by
purchasing property the rental return can be high.

Economic Situation for Investors
Since the election of Leonel Fernandez in May 2004 as president, the Dominican Republic's economic
situation has improved considerably and investor confidence is returning. Fernandez soundly used the
three month period before taking up office in August 2004 to travel abroad with a view to re-establishing
international investor confidence in a market whose international credit rating had declined quite a bit during
the Mejía government. In his acceptance speech, Fernandez sent a strong message to the international
community that he intended to tackle the country’s debt problems and fight against corruption in the Dominican
public and private sectors. Since the Fernandez administration took control, the peso has strengthened considerably.
Currently, US$1 is equivalent to RD$32.2 (€1 = RD$43.8)

The Dominican Republic enjoys a year round tropical maritime climate. A latitude of 17° 36, - 19° 58, places the
Dominican Republic at the border of the tropical zone. Sea breezes refresh the insular territory, evening out
temperatures to average 73°F (23°C) in the early mornings to 89°F (32°C) at mid-day. There is little difference
between winter and summer temperatures with July averaging at 82ºF (28ºC) and January at 76ºF (23ºC).

The lowest temperatures occur in the mountain areas near Constanza, where temperatures have dropped to 32°F
(0°C),and record highs have been registered at the frontier with Haiti, 102°F (39°C) in the summer. The months of
May to November are regarded as the rainy season. The hurricane season lasts from June through November, with
August-September being the peak months.

Strategic Location
At the heart of the Caribbean, the Dominican Republic is easily accessible by most major airline. The average flight-time
from major cities such as New York, Miami, Atlanta, Philadelphia, Newark, Toronto, Montreal and Chicago are only 4 hours
away from the Punta Cana International Airport.

Dominican Life
Dominicans are not only known for baseball players (such as Sammy Sosa) and a relaxed sense of being, they are also known
for wanting to make others happy. It is known that the islanders are easy going and laid back and want to make everyone’s
experiences unforgettable.

Dominican Republic - One of the few Caribbean investment bargains - Saturday, February 10, 2007
WOKING, England: "With prices in neighbouring islands rising steadily and availability of land to develop becoming scarce,
investment hunters should look to the Dominican Republic, according to a leading property investment company in Britain.
It is the second largest of the Caribbean Islands and prices are said to be not anywhere near a peak just yet.

During its much talked about dictatorship, from which it was slowly weaned away during the 70’s and 80’s, the country was
pretty much untapped, but it was not until the 90’s that the Dominican Republic started to invest seriously in the tourism
market, and thus brought investors.

Bad management and a rush to accommodate the tourists meant that standards of accommodation were not up to scratch
and the tourists went elsewhere. The fall of the currency brought attention to its failing economy until a change in the
Government bought stability back once more.

New luxury resorts and apartment complexes have since emerged and reinvented it as a jewel in the Caribbean. Crime rates
are amongst the lowest in the Caribbean and its people are well known as being amongst the friendliest and warmest in the
World. With the wealth of attractions it has to offer, such as the 350 tropical beaches, the Amazon-like forests and the
gathering of 10,000 whales and dolphins every year on its shores, it’s no wonder tourism is booming.

Millions of dollars are being invested in developing new resorts and luxury golfing complexes, and redeveloping untapped parts
of the country previously inaccessible, and now being seen for the first time.

Property investment company, Principal International, confirms that whilst prices are keen they still have a number of luxury
apartments and villas for sale in the Puerto Plato region.

Prices in the Dominican Republic have reportedly been rising as much as 20 percent per year, but this steady growth is not
expected to last and as more and more investors realise the potential of this Caribbean jewel and development opportunities
reduce, property will be at a premium.

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[For more facts on the DR, check out the CIA World Fact Book website]
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Cap Cana, Dominican Republic

As sales associate at Cap Cana, I have to share with you this project in the Dominican Republic. Maybe it is a
project you'd want to invest in. This one-of-a-kind development rests in the beautiful landscapes on the southeast
coast of the Dominican Republic and will be the country’s largest private community. At roughly twice the size of
Manhattan, Cap Cana’s 30,000 acres will be home to four luxury hotels, one five-star condo residence, five golf courses
(three of which are Jack Nicklaus Signature designs),an 800-slip marina, an extravagant collection of fine and casually-
themed dining facilities, and a plethora of choices for quaint boutique shopping experiences.

Construction at Cap Cana began in 2003, and the developers’ vision of an unparalleled Caribbean resort is now becoming
a reality. Cap Cana has attracted buyers from all corners of the globe, including a substantial percentage from the U.S.
with specific interest in the fivestar condo hotel called the Alta Bella Fishing Lodge. Before I actually start talking about
its projects, I'll try to keep my focus about Cap Cana in general.

"A unique collection of luxury properties"
Cap Cana has an area of approx. 46 sq. miles. 5 miles of coastline of which 3 miles are white sandy beaches. It will feature
5 golf courses, of which 3 are designed by Jack Nicklaus.

At the moment, the first phase is now being constructed, which include:
  • the most complete state-of-the-art marina in the Caribbean with the capacity of more than 800 yachts, including mega-yachts.
  • Luxury hotels with several thousand housing units
  • Numerous sport facilities
  • Private beach, golf and yacht club
  • High-end stores, restaurants, spa's and entertainment complexes

Tax Incentives
The tourism incentive law 158-01, modified by law 184-02, establishes tax exemptions for certain areas of the Dominican
Republic, including the area of Cap Cana (Juanillo). This law provides important tax incentives for a period of up to 10 years,
such as exemptions from transfer tax, property tax, income or capital gains taxes, etc. Please note that tax exemptions also
apply for the first buyer: the person who purchases a new unit directly from the developer*.

* All applications in process. With the boom in the tourist industry, high rental returns are more achievable than many other
obscure international destinations that are said to be “investment hotspots.” With the increased amount of tourism comes an
increased need for rental properties. The ability to find a long-term rental property is becoming more difficult, but for owners
of these unique units, the return could be quite lucrative.

Press Donald J. Trump has signed a partnership agreement with Cap Cana, S.A. in the Dominican Republic to develop an
enchanting luxury resort that will include a golf course, golf villas and golf lots, estate lots, a beach club, a condo hotel,
and residences with ocean views that together will be called Trump at Cap Cana. The real estate luxury products to be
developed represent an estimated value of over two billion dollars. The agreement was signed today by Cap Cana’s Board
of Directors President, Dr. Ricardo Hazoury and Donald J. Trump, CEO and President of The Trump Organization. The first
product to be developed within the partnership, “Trump Farallón Estates at Cap Cana”, will include 68 estates (with at least
1.5 acres each). The estates are located within a gated community on top of the highest bluff in the area, at 200 feet
above sea level, where one can enjoy spectacular views of the entire Cap Cana property and the Caribbean Sea. Homeowners
in the Farallón community will enjoy special memberships to a variety of clubs and amenities within Cap Cana. Reservations for
Trump Farallón Estates at Cap Cana are limited and currently being accepted on a first come, first served basis.

I am excited to be building Trump at Cap Cana for several reasons. Not only is the Dominican Republic an exceptionally
beautiful place with a wonderful history, but the allure of Cap Cana makes this a unique destination in the Caribbean,

said Donald J. Trump. “This is going to be a magnificent project, and we look forward to developing thousands of spectacular
acres into an elite destination that will be known worldwide in the years to come. I look forward to visiting often with my family.

With the signing of this agreement, Cap Cana ratifies its goal to become renowned internationally as the ‘World’s Greatest
” said Dr. Ricardo Hazoury. “By combining the Trump experience with Cap Cana’s natural beauty and the talent
demonstrated by our team of professionals, in addition to the stable economy of the Dominican Republic, we are confident that
together we will continue to seamlessly create a new standard for tourism, real estate, and hotels for the entire region. We have
no doubt this is a win-win combination and look forward to all that lies ahead.

So... what do you guys think thusfar? PM me or send me an e-mail if you have any questions


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Have been looking into moving to the D.R. for some time. Doing much research. What I seem to find advertised are only the new big developments. My question is: are there any used small apartments, houses, for sale ? I am retired and primarily want to escape the grandure of the states and France where I presently live. I want simple, a native house, near water. Does it exist?


what is investment? investment is making millions with your millions, like Mr. Trump


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Yes martha,
There are plenty on local appartments near the sea and the option to live near expats or not if you really want to go local or even a mix between the two.
Because the Dom Rep is a comparatively large island there is a lot of diversity not found in many caribbean destinations.
Consequently you can write a wish list of exactly what you are looking for a most of the time it is not to hard to find, but get expert advice there are pitfalls.


QUOTE=martha;18743]Have been looking into moving to the D.R. for some time. Doing much research. What I seem to find advertised are only the new big developments. My question is: are there any used small apartments, houses, for sale ? I am retired and primarily want to escape the grandure of the states and France where I presently live. I want simple, a native house, near water. Does it exist?[/QUOTE]


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The advertised development projects are easier to find for the obvious reasons, but yes, there are smaller (and less advertised) properties available.

Do you have any preference whether you'd like a place on the north, south or east coast?

Have been looking into moving to the D.R. for some time. Doing much research. What I seem to find advertised are only the new big developments. My question is: are there any used small apartments, houses, for sale ? I am retired and primarily want to escape the grandure of the states and France where I presently live. I want simple, a native house, near water. Does it exist?


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Thanks for the info. What do you tihnk of Cabarete as a place to buy on the north shore?
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