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Overseas property

Discussion in 'Buying Overseas Property' started by hognnee, Dec 15, 2007.

  1. hognnee

    hognnee New Member

    HI guys,

    Im actually into real estate and i own about 4 properties. But at the moment my wife has been pressuring me to invest my money in something else. Now she says that I should try doing it offshore. So im looking for some companies that can give me about 5% interest probably in the U.K. or even the Caribbean. Im checking out some sites and im quite impressed with Solid-traders. Im getting 8% with no penalties. Dealsjamaica isn’t too bad either from what I’ve heard in my real estate circles i.e, im getting 5% with no penalties. Everywhere else ive checked was 4% or lower….so is there any better ones? Please send me some links so that I can stop getting nagged by my wife.
  2. Tim10

    Tim10 New Member

    Kyrenia is your answer

    If you are looking for a good investment property, an agency called Off Plan Planet in Liverpool is handling a good property in North Cyprus with a 10 percent, four-year per annum rental return.

    I bought directly from the developer, but have bought from the above named agency in Turkey in the past. They are great and the owner probably can get you all the details you need.
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  3. Breyer

    Breyer New Member


    While I understand that property prices are going up in North Cyprus, be careful of the land title type that you are using.

    There are several title types and buying the wrong parcel of land can be like a land mind -- it can blow up in your face!

    However, good land+North Cyprus=excellent investment!
  4. Breyer

    Breyer New Member

    With the current UK property market on the blink, it would be best to look at emerging market. The UK market will be interesting once it hit bottom -- not before. I suggest to buy once it hits bottom and starts to climb. Until then -- as I said -- emerging markets are your best bet. North Cyprus and Panama are good investments today.
  5. Olly

    Olly New Member

    Hi Hognnee

    First, please be aware I am a Licensed Realtor & International Property Specialist and trained by the world's largest real estate corporation.

    Understand why you're impressed by the rental guarantees but do please check and the recheck the detail of the guarantee and, whether it's gross or net. Other points to look out for is the validity of the guarantee. Is it the Developer, a Bank or, Third-Party operator?

    Essentially, the only one truly worth its while is a bank acting as financial guarantor to the deal. Equally, is it based upon the gross of the investment or a shared acount with the Resort Booking Agency?

    Best to check ALL these details and then run it past a local english speaking lawyer. (A UK International Lawyer will typically cost you triple the amount and often they will use the same lawyer as you to check on their / your behalf.)

    As for North Cyprus...ouch!!! Caveat Emptor (Buyer Beware!!!) Why this could be a dangerous purchase is based entirely on International Law not heresay or personal bias. Easiest example to give is what happened after the last world war and, again, when the Berlin Wall was removed.

    Under international law property confiscated during war or civil disputes the former owner can reclaim their land - whether improved or not. In the case of Northern Cyprus, Turkey has issued its own Title Documents which have no foundation in law under the Republic of Cyprus or EU. The one and only Land Registry is situated in Nicosia and, therefore, ownership of land etc, is recorded there and nowhere else.

    Incidentally, a Russian lady recently traveled from North to South and was immediately arrested having purchased property in the North which is deemed illegal.

    In practice your main problem will be if Turkey withdraws its troops from its illegal occupation from an EU country to gain access as a member of the EU. As and when or if this happens, you might return to your purchase only to find its been legally repatriated to the ancestor of its former owner. That piece of land which you've now had built a beautiful villa upon will be lost and, so will the amount outstanding on a mortgage. (You'll still be held liable for the repayment of the loan.)

    If you give serious thought to this I am certain you'll do the sensible thing. If not, I wish you every good fortune...

  6. DC

    DC Member

    Hi are you looking for properties or investments.

    Second, we have some investments that pay 25%. Is alot of money, minimal risk, let me know if you want more information.

    Three, of course check it out, we are happy to sell the investment but is from minimum 30k euros.
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