Otopeni north of Bucharest

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    I wanted to start a thread on the town of Otopeni which is about 15K north of Bucharest. We have owned an apartment here since its completion in 2009; part of a development known as "Gran Residencia". It has been standing empty since March this year, and one thing I would like to find out is if anybody knows of any letting agents in Otopeni? (So far we have managed to find tenants by private means)

    We invested here because it sits within about 3 Kilometers of Bucharest's main airport (Henri Coanda).

    Inspite of the down turn and inspite of the fact that property prices are about half what they were in 2007, Otopeni seems to have a thriving and growing micro economy. 5 years ago many of the major international companies had a foothold here, but my accountant tells me that about 50% of them went away in that time! The residents of Otopeni have got on with business just the same and there are more resteraunts and coffee houses there now than there ever has been during our 5 years of visiting.

    If anybody else has an interest here I'd be delighted to share notes!!

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