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only for sweet homes invester

Discussion in 'UAE Property' started by singngaili, Apr 16, 2009.

  1. singngaili

    singngaili New Member

    come on,anyone buy sweet homes villa?
  2. ghazwan

    ghazwan New Member

  3. singngaili

    singngaili New Member

    I bought 3 bed villa in Ajman from sweet home at May 2009, size 1695 , op 975000,now i want to sell it 950000, i have paid 20%,jack 050 9266829
  4. ghazwan

    ghazwan New Member

    do you want to sell it at 850,000 .... i'll buy it now
  5. anwar khan

    anwar khan New Member

    I have got Ajman Uptown villa in Erica 3 bed cornor and road facing as well...bought it for 990,000..paid 198,000 to date....Ajman Uptown has got Escrow Account facility as well...if any one interested plzz do let me me at [email protected]
    Thanks alot
  6. Kjarkata

    Kjarkata New Member

    Dear Anwar Khan.

    I am interested in Erica 3 bed cornor villa, my offer is AED 730,000. The prices have gone down almost 50% in Ajman. Let me now if you are interested.
  7. ghazwan

    ghazwan New Member

    don't sell it ... it will fly in a couple of months
  8. anwar khan

    anwar khan New Member

    Dear Kjarkata, I appreciate your offer but I believe that you got everything wrong . I cant stop laughing over your offer. I booked it for AED 990,000 and I have paid AED 198,000 and you offer me AED 730,000. If I take off whatever I have paid , it comes to AED 792,000 ( 990,000-198,000 = 792,000) and to sell it to you for AED 730,000 I would have to pay you another AED 62,000 . Do you think it makes sense that I pay for something which I am selling? If I cant continue my payments to Sweet Homes , it would rather be wise to just stop paying them than to pay you another AED 62,000 to get rid of my villa.. hahhahahaha... I dont want to sell it now anyway
    as i have sorted out my problems and able to continue. It is going to come out a fantastic project inshallah..
  9. anwar khan

    anwar khan New Member

    Hi Ghazwan... Thanks for your msg. yes you are right prices r gonna go up soon inshallah ... Sweet Homes is fully committed to complete Ajman Uptown on time and you can tell by visiting the site. They are working day and night on the site and inshallah something good will come to our ears soon.

    Thanks alot budddy

    Kindest Regards
  10. baheera

    baheera New Member

    I thought the thread was about home investors who consider themselves "sweet" :typical:
  11. anwar khan

    anwar khan New Member

    hahahah thought wrong!!!
  12. tanveerswiss

    tanveerswiss New Member

    Yes i am ready to sell
    you can contact me 0n 00919836329886
  13. tanveerswiss

    tanveerswiss New Member

    if interested in buying at very attractive price erica 3 bedroom villa contact me at 00919836329886

  14. tanveerswiss

    tanveerswiss New Member

    ajman uptown villa

    dear ghazwan,

    i have a very good offer for you if you are still interested in buying ajman uptown villa.
    pls call me at 00919836329886

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