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Discussion in 'India property' started by rubina2013, Sep 23, 2014.

  1. rubina2013

    rubina2013 New Member

    Hi Friends, we are planning to start online home buying with exciting offers, will it works?
  2. Hari15

    Hari15 New Member

    Flats in Chennai Perambur and Madhavaram

    Now everybody looking for review, rates, pictures and videos of the flats through online only so there are great changes.
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  3. andis9

    andis9 New Member

    Building an real estate portal is an easy task but reaching customers expectation is really difficult. Adding real pics, videos, customer reviews, ratings may help to raise customer satisfaction.
  4. skcgroup

    skcgroup New Member

    Online sale of Real estate property is not possible because it require huge amount of investment and also other factor, like location, quality, fake and so many reason also.
  5. markpeterson

    markpeterson New Member

    Good ideas. But it's difficult to achieve.
  6. miteshpatel

    miteshpatel New Member

    You can try if your offerings are good then people will like it. As we all know the (moderated) Homes have recently started an online home buying system. You can easily buy a home in just three simple steps.
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  7. rakavdia

    rakavdia New Member

    yes,because home buying is beneficial and different choices are also available in online.
  8. singhsaloni

    singhsaloni New Member

    Yes it will works because most of the people prefer online for property review, prices & specification.
  9. exemsat

    exemsat New Member

    May be

    Indian people are not even fully adapted to online buying activities. I think it won't work for Real estate niche.:(
  10. Bindu9

    Bindu9 New Member


    Good idea and also it will success if you put very effort on it why because now a days customers are looking to search in online more.In website if you include entire details,builders,price,videos,images then it will definitely success.
  11. ajnara kumar

    ajnara kumar New Member

    actually real estate is the best field to investment
  12. nkhurana2003

    nkhurana2003 New Member

    Builders are also embracing the online sales channel. In the recently concluded Great Online Shopping Festival (GOSF) 2014 Tata Housing sold flats worth 130 crore rupees, while Purvankara received over 500 bookings. Online is the future, and is definitely picking up.
  13. sunnyalex

    sunnyalex New Member

    The are lot of websites that provide the same service.
  14. jyoti_singh

    jyoti_singh New Member

    Definitely it'll work because these days the consumer is more aware about real esate than they were before so it'll be convenient and easier for anyone to evaluate locations, compare prices and choose the best suited option.
  15. sakshidhawan

    sakshidhawan New Member

    It's a good idea, but it takes lots of times to achieve the target. First you have to build your brand and establish yourself as a leader in your industry
  16. vidyatalwar

    vidyatalwar New Member

    Now online home buying is more easier. There are many realty portals which provides almost 80% verified property but there are only few property portals who has live view or 360 degree view for the property shown to the user.

    CommonFloor is one of those known property portal having list of property which are verfied and also having 360 degree view for the same. CommonFloor has come up with unique feature Live in Tour where you can actually browse the property as it looks in real by using its 360 degree segment.

    Start browsing with commonfloor for more accurate property.
  17. vidyatalwar

    vidyatalwar New Member

    Good Initiative...
    I prefer online portals only to view the property not for Buying. I get the details online and investigate about the property which is provided online. I think a physical verification is needed before we buy a home. Because property is a one time investment so before buying property one should thoroughly investigate about the property and then he can come to an conclusion.

    Commonfloor has launched 360 degree feature which helps seekers to view the property from anywhere and any point of time. You can browse the same from your home, office or at any place with laptop, desktop and mobile. It helps you view the property in real.
  18. Akriti Shah

    Akriti Shah New Member

    It's a good idea but do consider the the tough competition in the space with already existing and newly entered one like Housing.
    Convincing buyer that the pictures posted are authentic is a tough task
  19. easyloans

    easyloans New Member

    Its good that you have such idea with you. But buyers prefer to visit the place before they make a investment to feel the ambience. Be very specific and provide a detail of the certifications that you have taken and applied.

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