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old buildings

Discussion in 'Buying Overseas Property' started by essepi74, Apr 12, 2008.

  1. essepi74

    essepi74 New Member

    Hi there!
    What do you think about old buildings (houses, flats) in the old town area?
    I know that there are some projects to renew the old towns.
    The price of the buildings is low and there are regional funds to help these developments.
    Do you think this it could be an interesting business for your foreigners?
    I'm talking about some small town in Calabria.
    Thank you for your help, advice or comment! ;)
    Bye bye
  2. golto

    golto New Member

    what will be the expected rent of this building sonia?
  3. essepi74

    essepi74 New Member


    no, I think it could be nice to live in, to resell or just as an investment.
  4. Investy

    Investy Senior Member


    You asked a question and then seemed to post an answer. Im confused.
  5. essepi74

    essepi74 New Member


    I just posted to know if for foreign people could be interesting this kind of developments. I'm not an investor, so it's not for me. I'd like to help my small town to develop. That's why.
    Thank you
  6. agentyumi

    agentyumi New Member

    If the area is marketable then why not? Have a careful research if you can gain good profits on it.
  7. willowtree1

    willowtree1 New Member

    It is a very time consuming process in order to find the right ones,but there is good capital gains, and ultimatley rental to be made on the older properties in Calabria,upto now most of these properties change hands through word of mouth.It is a time consuming because they ushally have more than one owner,who has either emigrated and not been back for the past twenty years or no one can find the title deeds.
    This is not to deter,as in my view graeter gains, can often be made than buying offplan and you end up with a property full of characteur with panoramic views,unyet still close to the sea,most of the older towns and buildings are situated a few kilometers inland on high ground as the majority of people only came to settle along the coast around the 1920s.
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