Obelisk International from A to Z.

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  1. rangers

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    This is a thread that deals with Obelisk International.

    Experiences with real estate trade through Obelisk.

    About what one would expect of update of the construction process.

    Customer follow-up, etc.

    My experiences will be posted soon.

  2. rangers

    rangers New Member

    Success stories Obelisk made.

    Today I will write about the success stories Obelisk International has recorded.

    Stay firm, this may take some time, but here they are: .

  3. PeterV

    PeterV Banned

    SAD, when true

    When developers do not respond to inquiries from people who already trusted them with their money ........
    But maybe Obelisk could answer on this Forum?

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  4. rangers

    rangers New Member

    Think there is a greater chance that a snowball surviving in H. ... before Obelisk responding to the allegations.

    Tuzla Lake - Bodrum, Turkey
    Caretta Villas - Antalya, Turkey
    Central 22 - Bratislavia, Slovakia
    Cipura Villas - Bodrum, Turkey
    The Colony - Bogaz, Cyprus
    Capital 68 - Sofia, Bulgaria

    Jagoda Villas- Bulgaria
    The Poynte - Bulgaria
    Jagoda Villa and The Poynt was later turned together to Jagoda Poynt because many investors suspected that all was not right, or the economy indicated that one could not afford and start construction.

    All these failed projects is under investigation by:

  5. rangers

    rangers New Member

    Crystal Spa (Varna, Bulgaria)

    Pattaya Heights (Pattaya, Thailand)

    Agricultural land investment in Ukraine

    Is there anyone who has more knowledge about these projects to Obelisk International???

    I think I have read on another forum "the pink singing beast" that these projects were also failures too!

    But on the forum that "the pink singing beast", was all negative things about Aston Lloyd and Obelisk International deleted!!


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