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Oasis tower 1 sports city

Discussion in 'Dubai property' started by robrogers, Dec 23, 2008.

  1. robrogers

    robrogers New Member


    Can any one tell me when the oasis tower in sports city will be completed??
  2. guidecca

    guidecca Banned

    Oasis I Tower in Sports City

    I am waiting for completion and owe 15 percent of the purchase price. I bought from a British lady at BH Real Estate who has since returned to England. There were promises made then which were not kept. A promise was made that it would be ready in 1st Quarter of 2009 which was not kept. I did not see it on the cancelled list or the delayed list. Would it have another name and who is the current developer?

    I think we should organize property owners like Elite is doing in Sports City. I intend to get my apartment or my money back with interest. I will use any means necessary. Please contact me. My email is guidecca @ h o t m a i l . c o m (please remove spaces) if you are an owner in Oasis I Tower. Maybe we can get resolution to this problem.
  3. mpat

    mpat New Member

    it should complete by dec 09
  4. guidecca

    guidecca Banned

    Thank you MPat. I was getting worried that I had lost my money. I assume that I will be notified upon completion so that I can complete the transaction and furnish the apartment. :)

    Hopefully the world economy will begin climbing up out of the abyss at the end of the year and we can celebrate. Here is to the future. I wish you all well.
  5. white knuckles

    white knuckles New Member

    How do you know this Mpat?
  6. mpat

    mpat New Member

    looking at the progress they made in last 6 months, I can say that they can be well in position to hand over by dec 09.
  7. safwanadam

    safwanadam New Member

    i herd they had problems with the consturuction company they had appointed! but should be underway anybody know otherwise?
  8. docpervez

    docpervez New Member

    I rang the customer service today.I was told company has hired a new builder because older could not complete i n due course of time.It would take another 6-8 months.I asked them to send me this in written/email,incase we need to proceed legally because project is already 8 months delayed.pervaiz
  9. mo.nagori

    mo.nagori New Member

    HI Everyone

    I was in dubai 3 weeks ago and visited sport city, the good news is a lot is happening plenty of activity and building going on in sport city. However there are certain plots which look untouched for a while.

    I visited oasis tower 1 and oasis tower 2

    Oasis tower 1 did stop work for a while due to their problems with their sub contractor. now they have a new one and i can confirm whe i visted there was work going on.

    Oasis tower 2 however again work is going on but still ground work ie excavation, which looked nearly complete.

    I then had a meeting with Buniah whom are the contractors for oasis tower 2 and have a new office in dubai media city. they informed me of a completion date of 2011 and regular progress of work. i am still waiting for their revised payment plan.

    hope this helps
  10. alexandros

    alexandros New Member

    I've not seen any construction activities at Oasis Tower one in the month of July 2009! Any comments?
  11. mo.nagori

    mo.nagori New Member

    in relply to oasis tower 1 i deff saw people working on it and also on oasis tower 2, i was there for around 2 hours in and around sports city

    as for payment plans you need to contact [email protected], the ceo of oasis groups email is [email protected] copy him in when sending the mail and ask for a construction linked payment plan.

    iv paid 70% so im quited bummed!
  12. dxbgal

    dxbgal New Member

    Thanks a lot for the prompt reply. I appreciate it. I will surely send them a mail. Let's hope for the best.
  13. Oasis investor

    Oasis investor New Member

    Has anyone heard any news regarding oasis tower two?

    Mo.naori when did you last go and see the site?

    Did you take any pictures?

  14. Oasis investor

    Oasis investor New Member

    There is a collective blog set up on skyscrapercity.
  15. guidecca

    guidecca Banned

    Oasis tower i

    What do you suppose is happening with Oasis Tower I? The last I heard the developer was blaming the contractor for being slow but there was progress. I even have pictures. I also heard that it would be ready by the end of 2009.

    I have been waiting for completion since April 2007. The government's fascination with the Burj Dubai eludes me. It shows a total lack of concern for the many property owners. I am an Arab but I cannot say anything good about what the government is doing in Dubai.

    If they knew they were running out of oil why take on large projects that could never be completed? Where is their common sense? They are an embarrassment to their ancestors who COULD conserve resources to survive in the unforgiving desert. Investors are emailing me with proposals to take legal action. Action will be taken and it will be swift, broad, and unmerciful if I lose my investment.
  16. oasis2buyer

    oasis2buyer Banned

    It sounds as though everyone here is having the same problems as the investors for Oasis 2 Tower also - I am a newbie to this forum. The developer is responsible for both Oasis 1 and 2. Who are the owners? Seems to be there are more complaints about this project from others who have invested there and are not all happy is that right? This appears not to be the case from reading this and elsewhere. An agent in landvestdubai in the UK was dealing with this project. Has anyone had dealings with this UK agency as they became extremely hostile when asked several questions about the project including how to contact the people there at Oasis as the first contact was supposed to be MS and how this position has been switched to a lot of administration customer care people who provide no information. The only contact received all along from this lot was by email to pay the installments. Payments cannot continue if there is no sign of construction. As this appears to be common everywhere in Dubai and how many others are disgruntled customers. Oasis 2 was supposed to be completed by sept 2009 or was it dec 09 (all this changes like the wind or is it sand) however according to reports there is not much work happening there. Is there any further progress on Oasis 1????

    Is everyone paid up at Oasis 1 or are you still paying installments due. There was a law introduced in Dubai that once 20 percent was paid and the project had not commenced the developer could not ask for any more money. From sighting photographs that at least the building has commenced at Oasis 1. Oasis 2 has not commenced there has only been drilling and piling which should have been done and completed in 2007. They claim that the building will not be completed until 2011 which is far too long a wait and we don't know if all our monies have been lost. Big concerns lay ahead.
    Last edited: Feb 22, 2010
  17. portiz372

    portiz372 New Member

    Oasis Tower

    I rang Oasis Tower customer services today and was told that James Balderson left the company at the beginning of August.
  18. oasis2buyer

    oasis2buyer Banned

    Oasis 2 Tower problems

    It doesn't matter if you receive a thousand payment plans however if something is not adding up you will all be left high and dry - there has been little or no progress to date - you could have built many of these structures in the period time frame. At the rate they a moving it could take 20 years - I for one do not have that time frame available to me and I don't know about anyone else. I budgetted only for the period which was mentioned i.e. completion by 2009.

    The expected date for completion has been provided (not to all investors but some) that it will be Sept 2011?? This is not what we signed up for. The project was supposed to be completed in 2009 and it is far from being completed.

    It's time to be starting action against this lot of developers as no one is the wiser as to what is happening. There is a collective blog as mentioned on skyscraper please go there #APPROVED: OASIS TOWER TWO, 23F Res (Sports City) - go there and select that blog and who will find many unhappy Oasis 2 investors there.

    Last edited: Sep 23, 2009
  19. Bostonoasis

    Bostonoasis New Member

    I visited the site of oasis tower 2 in March 2009. I have paid 35% of my dues and stopped paying them anything after that once I visited the site. I never get any dues notices and now I am seeing that you cannot even find the website for the developer. If there is any litigation anyone is pursuing please let me know. They will also not send me my signed contract. In it was a payment plan but requiring 90% payment by Dec 2009.
  20. oasis2buyer

    oasis2buyer Banned

    Oasis will be finished when?

    Is that right mpat - what do you know that others do not?
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