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Oasis Beach & Golf Owners

Discussion in 'Morocco Property' started by Olivias-h, Oct 5, 2007.

  1. Olivias-h

    Olivias-h New Member

    Hello... just joined the Saidia chat. However most are talking about the Le Jarden de Fleur resort. I have put my deposit and 20% down for Villa 63 Type C at the Oasis Beach and Golf Resort (VVT 2). I would appreciate to hear from those who are also buying there and your thoughts and experiences both negative and positive. Has anyone actually signed the main Contract - any additional clauses or amendments needed? My solictor and Superior (my agent/developer) tells me the hold up on construction is due to licences. However they have now just received a licence to start on their 1st phase apartments and the others should be due in the next 6 months. Both Fadessa and Superior have been in the same boat. They say the delays should take us to end of 09-early 10 for full completion. I would appreciate anyones views on this development and updates... Would be nice to get to know our neighbours too! Thanks Olivia
  2. popol

    popol New Member

    Villa Superior Group Saidia


    Your message is very interesting.Happy to see that we are not alone...
    I am buying a villa in Saidia with the Group Superior and they told us the same thing than you , they don't have the licence for the construction for the Villa.
    We are also waiting for further news....


    [email protected] New Member


    I'm buying a villa at the Pines which I think corresponds to vvt3. We've also heard that the licence may not be ready until March
  4. Isadora

    Isadora New Member

    Apartment Or Villa

    I bought an apartment in block 3. The licence was issued on 11/9/2007. When signing up in August I was not told about the delay in the licences however my solicitors didn't pass on my deposit until the licences were issued. I was told that the constuction would start in Oct and that another 20% would be due. I far as I can ascertain contruction has not started.
    Not too worried about the delay as this seems normal for all developments. (Regardless of location)
    Hope to travel to Saidia for a few days in the new year so I can see the progress for myself.
    Last edited: Nov 19, 2007

    [email protected] New Member


    There's a copy of the licence for the current building on Superior's main site under the owners section at the bottom of the page for the Saida photos. Also, furniture packs are listed.
  6. whitey

    whitey New Member

    Hi to all Oasis beach resort owners,

    Interesting to hear similar concerns about delays in construction and obtaining licences.
    We paid our deposit back in Feb 06 on penthouse in block 2 and was expecting completion in Dec 07/early 2008, last update from Superior in September/October this year was very vague giving completion of around spring 2009. Although we're not banking on that if past experiences have anything to do with it.

    Buyers of other off plan developments have reassured me that it's not uncommon especially in countries like Morocco but it doesn't always allay the concerns.

    Would be interested in hearing if any further developments or progress from other members buying in Oasis resort as Superior are very poor at maintaining contact and keeping you up to date (a colleague has also bought apartment in block 1 and very frustrated with Superior Worldwide)

    [email protected] New Member

    Superior provide some info

    We received a letter from Superior on the 19th December where they claim to be "going vertical" with the build "in the New Year". They have set up an independant company in the UK to handle all existing Oasis customers. They are promising to enhance the micro site to provide all homeowners with the latest news and info.
    We await developments.

  8. traceyw8727

    traceyw8727 New Member

    Oasis beach and golf

    We have bought on Rt5 Block2. I spoke to Superior this week and was told the concrete build would start during the next few weeks! I asked which company was doing the build and was informed that they would make enquiries and get back to me. I find it strange that the dedicated office were unaware of such info if the build was to start in a few weeks. I will chase up the reply next week and post further on here. I am also waiting a reply in respect of the vat increase to 20%! As Oasis prices were inclusive of tax i am hoping the increase cannot be passed onto us unlike the Fedessa properties.
  9. Investy

    Investy Senior Member


    I purchased a LeJardinDeFleur product via Superior, and now Im so glad I did not buy thier Oasis product, here's why;

    Yesterday I spoke with them about why they never update the 'build progress' photos on thier website and this is the appauling response I got;

    "The business owner has no interest anymore as the company is being split up and sold into small parcels".
    I pointed out this was a very unsatisfactory attitude to which the staff member had no answer.

    RE TAX INCREASE; Lejardindefleur I am told are going to foot the bill for the Tax increase. I would urge you buyers to act as a group to ensure Superior also absorb this cost.

    If it is true the business owner has no interest any longer I would also urge you iron this out right now. Imagine trying to get build snaggs rectified by a company that have no interest in client service!

    I also note thier 2 so called aftersales people have left.
  10. Isadora

    Isadora New Member

    I phoned them up just before Xmas and was told that a demand for the next 20% instalment had been sent out. They expressed surprise that I hadn 't received anything about it. I too got the letter about the vertical build a few days after this phone call. Has anybody got been approached about the next instalment? Has anybody paid??
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  11. ClaireLaurent

    ClaireLaurent New Member


    Hello Olivias H

    Just joined this forum having read about it in another one. We have bought a penthouse at Oasis which we signed for in April 06. So far they are about one and half years behind schedule but i don't know about the villas. we are expecting to take delivery in summer 09 and not overly worried about the delays as that is pretty much par for the course on big projects like this. We have now paid 40% of the value as the building work was supposed to start in January (not entirely sure that is the case but crossing fingers). there has of course been the concern about Superior UK going into administration but it would appear that everything is fine as we are dealing with Oasis SARL directly.
    I assume you have already sorted out your contract. We noticed some fairly bad errors in the contract, mainly due to poor translation from French (my husband is French) so we got those corrected. I would imagine your solicitor picked them up.
  12. Grim Reaper

    Grim Reaper New Member

    Hi there All

    I understand that Heavy Equpiment moved on to site and work on foundations eyc commenced yesterday
  13. Isadora

    Isadora New Member

    Do you know which area?
  14. Grim Reaper

    Grim Reaper New Member

    RT5 at Oasis Beach and Golf
  15. Isadora

    Isadora New Member

    Thanks. That's where my apartment will be. I suppose that they'll be looking for another installment soon so.:eek:
  16. popol

    popol New Member

    French owner

    Hi Claire Laurent,

    I am french and I'm buying a villa in Saidia with Oasis . I am looking for french buyers. I also noticed a lot of errors in the contract and I also heard that the Superior UK went into administration.
    It would be great if we can exchange some informations because It seems that there isn't so much French buyers.
    Let me know if you are interesting!
  17. just-alex

    just-alex New Member

    Hi everyone.......I am concerned that your solicitors do not seem to have any knowledge of Moroccan Law!!!..............There is a law in Morocco, (0044) which was created especially to protect off plan purchasers when the Plan Azur was has several clauses all of which I read in French but there is something which states that no money is supposed to change hands until AFTER the foundations have been laid...this doesn't seem to be being adhered to...........I'll try and dig it out of my legal suitcase which is in storage at the moment and let you know what the rest says>>>>>>>>>.
  18. Shadow

    Shadow New Member

    I have a 2 bed penthouse in block 1 that I am looking to sell on.

    If anyone is interested, private or agent, please contact me.
  19. Shadow

    Shadow New Member

    I have a 2 bed penthouse in Block 1 which I am looking at possibly selling on.

    If anyone is interested, private or agent, please contact me.
  20. suzywongwong

    suzywongwong New Member

    Hi Shadow

    How are you marketing your Penthouse as I want to sell on ours as well?

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