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Numbers Speak Volumes!!

Discussion in 'Egypt property' started by The Smart Money, Jul 29, 2008.

  1. The Smart Money

    The Smart Money New Member

    I often look at the number of visitors on the main page of TP for each of the main discussion forums i.e. Brazil, Bulgaria, Cyprus etc etc to help give me an understanding of popularity.............................................................

    and unsurprisingly Egypt comes out on top more often than not with an average of 55-75 posters (& lurkers) at various times each day with Dubai in a close 2nd :p

    I know Its only basic analysis but it does help give us a 'yardstick' so to speak of the growing interest in Egypt and all that it has to offer!!!

    Once the masses or 'sheeple' finally realise the potential and great value Egypt has to offer and dip their toes into this emerging giant over the coming 2-5 years, we undoubtedly, as some of the early adopters will be able to move up the Egyptian property ladder (or would that be rope?! :p) and purchase our very own 4 bed villa with private pool on Serrenia in Sahl :) - we can all dream hey!
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