Now is the time to invest in North East Brazil


Charles Adam

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Top Reasons Why to invest in North East Brazil

1.5th biggest country in the world in population & landmass and predicted by GoldmanSachs that Brazil will be one of the five biggest economies in the world by 2025 at the current rate of growth thus turning Brazil into a giant of the global economy which will result in high rates of growth in the real estate market.

2. Diverse culture and landscape, 3200km of beaches, wide range of attractions and abooming tourist market.

3. Yearly temperatures of 26-32ºC giving 12 month rental potential therefore one of the most promising tourist and second home destinations in the world.

4. Political and economic stability in respect to the rights and contracts of foreign
companies makes Brazil a rock to international investors.

5. Brazil already has achieved “investment grade” by the international ratings agency Standard and Poor´s.

6. Stability in the economy and control of inflation and an increasing middle class

7. Due to a housing deficit of 7.9million units,(shortage of 8million homes) there is a necessity of construction of more than 1.4million units per year. Emerging middle

8. Opportunity to build and sell to locals as a second home or to rent properties as a holiday home.

9. Fast growing domestic wealth is coupled with a proactive government that’s making serious investment in the countries economic security, tourism and infrastructure.Brazil’s economy is growing at a rate of 5% a year.

10. The value of Brazil’s land has been kept low by limited availability of finance andcredit. Not easily available but is now becoming more common. With only 2% of the population with mortgages. Now 30 year mortgages are available at rate of 13% to 14% . This will boost house prices.

11. Mortgage penetration under 2%- UK 70%, Mex 14%, Chile 14%, China 14%

12. Reduction in interest rates has generated a sequence of records of real estate
financing that should go from 2% of the GDP to 12% in 2014

13. Brazil is now the eighth biggest oil producing nation in the world and is almost
completely self sufficient therefore bucking the current global recession

14. Cost of living 60% cheaper than the UK with low fuel costs.

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