Nothing on Panama's Boom?

Discussion in 'Panama Property' started by pancanuck, Jul 21, 2007.

  1. pancanuck

    pancanuck New Member

    I am new to the forum and was surprised that there isn't anything on the building boom in Panama?? The construction going on here is only second to Dubai. Any insight?
  2. DC

    DC Member

    Good point, what do you know

    The ice tower was then was not being built what do you know ?
  3. pancanuck

    pancanuck New Member

    Hi, from what I know the project just broke ground about 2months ago and now has been halted. What is going to happen is a downsizing of the project. Believe it was schedules for 102 floors, talk is that it will now be well below that. The truth on what has happened still isn't known. But this example is far from the norms there dozens of projects that are finishing now and are on schedule. Same thing happened with Palacia de Bahia. Both are foreign (non panamanian) developers who only had the 1 project. I have always recommended to my clients to look at purchasing projects from local developers who have a building track record here in Panama City.

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