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Notes for Buyers of Banyan Curve

Discussion in 'Malaysia property' started by DC, Apr 30, 2007.

  1. DC

    DC Member

    A guide for people who have bought banyan curve and are thinking of buying banyan curve.

    All income is subject to tax. Income earned on property in malaysia will be taxed in Malaysia, depending how you buy, non resident or corporate structure will determine tax rates, it is self assessment.

    We know legal ways to lower your taxes (and improve your investment) so be in touch if you need assistance.

    Regards Darren

    Still very positive on this investment if you buy correctly.
    ie. You know what you are doing.
  2. DC

    DC Member

    The tax level is 28% though this can be mitigated (brought lower) via a mortgage as income is taxed after interest is paid on the mortgage.
  3. Robert Gavin

    Robert Gavin New Member

    Good advice from darren

    Just another though

    I have lived and owrked in Malaysia for 2 years, so know things quite well over htere.

    There is no way to avoid tax, it is from source.


    They have a "my second home" scheme which means that you can basically get residency if you buy a prpoeryt over ehtere.

    that allows you to invets in a state pension

    This means that you can invest some of the rental income (11%) into the pension and it is tax excempt

    Not going to make you a millionaire, but helped me out to the tune of 10,000 a year while I was there :)
  4. DC

    DC Member

    Good comments, thanks dc
  5. Serene

    Serene New Member

    I visited the Banyon Curve development and couldn't really see the attraction, it's basically a 3 star hotel with an extension out the back which has been made to look like water villas. They are also building these so called water villas to the side of the Hotel but as far as I could see 2/3 of them were on the beach. Better off calling them beach villas. I was also disappointed that the facilities are not being improved to cope with the extra rooms that are being built, It may just be me but that certain feeling you get when something feels right just wasn't there. Also the view on the horizon was basically one of non stop cargo vessels heading for Port Dickson next door!
  6. andyk2

    andyk2 New Member

    Come clean Serene!


    Either you are an agent who hasn´t got a contract to sell properties at Banyan Curve (as advertised by the number of negative comments you posted about it) or your investment strategy is based on blue skies and fluffy dolphins! Looking at your other posts, it does not appear that you have a concern for the environment, so let´s pretend you are an agent.

    To trash an investment opportunity which in its first year (phase 1) returned yields of 9.36% is ludicrous. You claim to have invested in an off-plan project - severley overpriced - which has yet to deliver anything, whilst Banyan Curve/Legends is successfully operating on 80+% occupancy with a selection of conferences, conventions and short term rentals.

    The second phase (which most people sell) has got a reasonably high take up of units, with a waiting list for the prime units. Phase 1 resales are available from RM 250.000 (about £39.000) and represent a decent investment in Malaysia for anybody looking for BTL returns.

    Irrespective of your motive for posting derogatory remarks about Banyan Curve, don´t neg out all the clients who have invested in the project - it is doing great and will continue to do so, regardless of what shape it is! (see "Serene"´s other posts if you don´t understand this comment).

    I wish you luck in your business/investing, but you won´t win any friends by slagging off what is already good when you are just speculating.


  7. LisaNic

    LisaNic New Member

    Numer of points to understand about this project:

    It is was never meant as a holiday home purchase for non malaysian buyers and therefore the "lifestyle" issues raised here are not even considered.
    It is a good and sound "pure investment" expecially if mortgaged (for tax reasons) and offers good returns. It is being marketed to malaysians living in Kuala Lumpur as a weekend retreat!
  8. Serene

    Serene New Member

    All I'm saying is that having viewed the Legends is was not for me and I found the DVD very misleading. As an investor I take the time to visit ALL prospective developments unlike others who just rely on the figures stacking up, I am very wary of overseas investments especially when there are more than a short flight away to resolve problems if and when they occur, so I spent time in the area and decided to purchase on a different project, the main reason being that I believed that in 6-7 years time an exit strategy would be difficult to find.
  9. waynehyl

    waynehyl Banned

    It's very important to view the site before buying, especially resort project.
    Banyan Curve, i can say the design is very nice but the location a bit out!

    Unless you buy that for lifestyle purpose, if for investment, i don't think you can sell well in the secondary market as it's still bound by the rental guarantee agreement.
  10. hazri

    hazri New Member

    iagreed with this info..the real big thing coming and a heavenly place to sty in Malaysia now is at the Johor district...and the most hottest place is in Nusajaya..Nusajaya is a key driver of the Iskandar Malaysia (IM), an emerging economic zone in South Johor, Malaysia. Designed to be Asia’s foremost integrated city, Nusajaya is about the convergence of diverse developments on a scale and diversity that has never before been attempted in Malaysia, and is positioned to be the largest and premier fully-integrated urban development in South East Asia. The city is located at the south-western tip of Peninsular Malaysia and is strategically situated in close proximity to Singapore with Singapore’s Central Business District a mere 24km away.

    The principal thrust of Nusajaya’s development strategy is to offer the global business and residential markets a sustainable and well-planned community set against a backdrop of landscaped parks and gardens complete with water features and a backdrop of Malaysia’s natural beauty. This iconic, integrated development is propelled by nation-building aspirations, commercial vigor and commitment to stakeholder value enhancement.With the planned increase in the population of the Island Republic, housing will become an issue that would affect many Singaporeans. Comprising one of Nusajaya’s key developments are the Nusajaya Residences: Horizon Hills, Ledang Heights, and East Ledang. Singaporeans relocating to Nusajaya would enjoy a high standard of living comparable to developed countries but at a much lower cost. Other benefits include easy access to Singapore, the waterfront development of Puteri Harbour that has garnered global interest and participation, the convenience of Nusajaya’s Medical Hub and EduCity, planned regional hubs for healthcare and education, and no restriction on car ownership.

    Nusajaya also provides the perfect opportunity for Singaporean companies that require large land tracts for their operations. The Southern Industrial and Logistics Cluster (SILC), located within Nusajaya, provides 1,300 acres of freehold industrial land in an environmentally sustainable setting with easy access to two international airports and five seaports. The SILC will be focused on developing the value chains of integrated ‘clean’ industrial centres in three major areas – Advanced Technologies, Nutrition & Health and Logistics. Additionally, companies setting up in Nusajaya can benefit from a skilled workforce. Nusajaya itself consists of 24,000 acres of contiguous development-ready land and is developed to be the benchmark against which other new integrated developments are measured.

    any thing that i could help for you to live in Nusajaya,just let me know
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