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Notaire or estate agent?

Discussion in 'French Property' started by rsimmons, Jul 20, 2007.

  1. rsimmons

    rsimmons New Member

    Hi I'm looking into buying properties in Aquitaine and would like to know which is best to use, and estate agent or a Notaire?

    Would appreciate a reply from anyone who has used a Notaire for a property purchase or sale, or can point me in the direction of some information about it.

  2. Steve Robert

    Steve Robert New Member

    I've been in a similar situation, I recommend pursuing the private sales/ direct with notaire route as well as via este agency. At the end of the day it is the property that counts and some times the agents have access to better range of properties and at reasonable prices despite the agency fees.

  3. CaroleBay

    CaroleBay Senior Member

    Hi There,

    You will have to use the services of a notaire for the purchase/sale of a property. The legal fees will be aprox 8% of the purchase price for an existing property, or aprox 5% of the purchase price for a new property.

    Notaires may have some properties for sale, and quite often you can save some money on the agents fees.

    The immobilier (estate agent) will probably have a larger range of properties for sale than a notaire. Agents fees are usually about 5% of the purchase price, but ask .... some agents in and around the region do charge a whopping 10%, as we found out to our cost last year.

    Kind Regards
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