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northern cyprus properties

Discussion in 'Cyprus Property' started by xprt, Apr 20, 2007.

  1. xprt

    xprt New Member

    im a newbie here and i wanted to know what do you think about

    the investment risk in north cyprus property ?
    i've checked couple of properties and i found 2 that i really liked

    northern cyprus properties

    northern cyprus properties

    what can you guys tell me about them ?
  2. victoriasloss

    victoriasloss New Member

    New Website - Northern Cyprus - Input Needed


    for those who have not heard of us, we are Simon and Vikki and we are based in the UK.

    Our parents purchased a property in the TRNC over 3 years ago and to date have nothing to show for their maney, just a very large loan for £150,000 that they (in failing health) are struggling to pay on their meagre pensions.

    We are hoping that this group will be able to lead or advise those as to the possible pitfalls that may occur when purchasing in Northern Cyprus

    The country is truly beautiful and the people also, but there are many unscrupulous characters lurking including Developers, Estate Agents and more worringly even Lawyers

    We work closly with "The Home Buyers Pressure Group"

    who have loads of very important information on their site.

    All we ask is for true stories (that can be backed with documentry evidence if required) good or bad, also nominations for "Good and Bad Guys" again with evidence should it be needed.

    We look forward to welcoming you

    and if we can help 1 person


    we will have succeeded.

    we also now have a bulletin board
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  3. charis

    charis New Member

    It is illegal to buy property in North Cyprus

    It is illegal to buy property or land that’s rightfully owned by Greek Cypriots. There are many Greek Cypriots living in the south who are refugees from the north and who believe that even visiting the north while it’s still under Turkish control is morally wrong.

    If you decide to buy property in northern Cyprus, you must ensure that you will have legal ownership of the land and property that’s being sold to you, even if Cyprus is reunited. most probably you will not.
  4. countyboy

    countyboy New Member

    Get Titel guarantee in writting by solicitor!

    I f you decide to buy in Northern Cyprus make sure that the land has never been owned by a Greek Cipriot, You should ask for a guarantee(in writing) by a Turkish solicitor, that you will be compensated if there where any disputes agains your land. However the EU-courts are working on a total of 2500 cases at the moment and have officaly announced that it will not accept any more fresh disputes. Need any feedback on Northern Cyprus, just ask.
  5. RobP

    RobP New Member

    TRNC property purchases - bad experiences

    Cheers Simon and Vikki,
    I have just found, and been on, the site and it is excellent - I wish however that I had seen such a thing a couple of years back. I am still owed my £10k deposit back by North Cyprus Properties, who were supposed to be building my villa, as well as £1k legal fees from the unscrupulous lawyer I used (Oktay Feridun).

    I thought I had done all the right things - I visited everything, met all the people involved in person, visited offices to check they actually existed, etc, got everything written down, and used large firms. Even so, it seems like when the builder and/or lawyer is intent on cheating you, there is little you can do.

    There are lots of agents (I used Cyprus Bay Properties) in the UK who act as brokers - I wish however that I had done all my dealings only in the UK and with UK banks and paying money only over to a registered UK company - that way you stand a chance of suing in this country should the TRNC builder let you down. I unfortunately allowed them to just act as information go-between, so I probably have little comeback aginst them, even though they have been useless. If the UK agent is reputable they will act as financial go-between as well - if not, don't use them.
  6. sheilaskf

    sheilaskf New Member

    Hi I am new to this site and have only just found you. I have just put down a deposit on an apartment in Northern Cyprus and am now anxious to get onto your bulletin board and am not sure how to. In fact I am not sure how to use this site and cannot find any details telling me how to use it properly, are their any? Please help.

  7. Spidia

    Spidia Guest

    Background Information

    Look up lobbyforcyprus and justiceforcyprus for more information on the situation.
  8. Lysos

    Lysos New Member

    Interesting that this thread was started by a one off poster; obviously a vested interest
  9. Spidia

    Spidia Guest

    Obviously has a vested interest to make such an ignorant comment. You should look at the facts of the situation and not listen to sales blurb from people trying to make a quick buck.
  10. Aegean

    Aegean New Member

    Like everywhere some people do get taken for a ride and have issues. The TRNC market does have issues also but in the main the majority of those who buy are more than happy,

    It's a cheap location - 135m2 villa for less than £100k
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