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North Cyprus: The True Events And History!!

Discussion in 'Cyprus Property' started by deedee1, Sep 11, 2007.

  1. deedee1

    deedee1 New Member

    :)Hi all,

    Please watch this video in order to see the real picture of what really happened all those years ago!!

    Instead of listening to false statements of events and Gs propaganda!!

    YouTube - RE:Cyprus 1974 -Cyprus Truth !! - Part 1 -

    Also there is a part 2 video on the same page next to it!!

    See ya D

    P.S Its a few minutes long but well worth the watch if you wish to understand exactly what happened- as the turks are not the bad guys in this as everyone is lead to believe by the greek press!!

    watch ,learn and make up your own mind on the moral of the story!!
  2. terra-nostrum

    terra-nostrum New Member

    History for the lame

    Let me declare my nationality and potential bias: I am Cypriot (of Greek ethnic origin) but above all I am a property investor who would not invest in Cyprus. North or South.

    The events depicted in the "home" video link refer to very recent events of Cyprus history. The video is partial and grossly biased and what really happened is extremely complex and difficult to explain. UK foreign Office and CIA Cyprus files are still mostly classified so the truth about the Cyprus problem is still vague.

    Investors need to be extremely careful about information they read or view on Cyprus because it is predominantly PARTIAL and in the least biased FROM BOTH SIDES.

    Here’s a brief run down of how I understand the Cyprus problem:

    1. Recent hostilities started in the 60s but the wounds run deep, as early as 1915.
    2. By the early 70s, innocent civilians killed on BOTH sides by nationalist terrorist organisations from BOTH sides – EOKA B (Greek) TMT (Turkish) (in my opinion both traitor groups, both financed by MI6 and the CIA).
    4. There was a Turkish military intervention in 1974 (invasion as per Greeks, peace keeping as per Turkish). Many people killed and made refugees, on BOTH sides, Greeks in a larger proportion because of their numbers on the island and other reasons such as the superiority and the numbers of the Turkish army and the treason amongst the Greek army.
    5. Ethnic Greeks and the remnants of the Cyprus republic have been confined to the South. Ethnic Turks and Turkish settlers confined to the North. In 1983 declared the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC).
    6. The Island is divided in 2, there is no war now, but a ceasefire keeps the peace. There is strong military presence on the island in both parts.
    7. The same people who destroyed peace on the island (the Americans & British) have been trying to solve the Cyprus problem since the early 90s but have failed for many reasons. In short, the Greeks still think they can go back to pre 1974 Cyprus (back to their homes, land), on the other hand the Turkish Cypriots who might want a solution to the problem are completely overshadowed by Turkey who is unwilling to relinquish anything gained by military conquest.
    8. The recent Anan re-unification plan has been the latest effort to end the stalemate but it was considered biased and unfair by 76% of the Greek cypriots. They voted against it at the 2004 referendum. On the contrary, the Turkish Cypriot community voted 64% pro Anan plan. The plan is dead and buried and currently there are no peace plans on the horizon.
    9. Prior to the Republic (South) joining the EU (2004), Turkey had no reason to solve the problem. Now, problems arising from EU Acquis Communaitaire and EU laws, pose a threat to Turkeys EU accession talks. There needs to be a solution but it appears that up to now Turkey has managed to cede nothing and still the TRNC is constantly been gaining momentum. Be extra careful though, this does not mean that the Cyprus property issue in the North is solved, there are hundreds of cases against Turkey in the European courts, even the Orams case is still under appeal.
    10. The TRNC is trying to address the property issue with the Property compensation committee set up in the North where Greek Cypriots can seek compensation for their property lost because of the war. This is discouraged by the Republic (South) even though a small minority (around 200, refugees numbered 200,000 in 1974) have resorted to the committee. There have been widespread reports that the compensation offered to the applicants is nowhere near the real value of the property and many have backed down.

    My view is that the TRNC property is of extreme risk and people should look elsewhere for their place in the sun. Even the Republic of Cyprus (South) is highly overpriced and in my view a bubble about to burst. My advice, forget Cyprus.
    Good luck with your investments.
  3. Cornholio

    Cornholio New Member

    History for the lame, part 2

    In a nutshell, the sad & tragic conflict on this beautiful island is a classic case of "six of one & half a dozen of the other". There were never any good guys or bad guys - both sides were as bad as each other!!

    In the blue corner you had the GC EOKA-B zealots with their "Enosis" (union with Greece) fanaticism (supported by Greece), and in the red corner you had the TC TMT zealots with their "Taksim" (partition) fanaticism (supported by Turkey). The clash of these two extremisms is what led to the present sorry state of affairs, with the innocent civilians & moderates from both communities paying the price in blood, therefore both sides are equally guilty!!

    Let's all now hope that Messrs. Christofias & Talat can rise above all this nationalist bulls**t and negotiate a mutually beneficial reunification plan acceptable to both their respective electorates without any outside interference. Surely that's not beyond their capability?

    Here's to a reunited Cyprus :)

    Last edited: Feb 7, 2009
  4. deedee1

    deedee1 New Member

    :)Hi all,

    There are many views, stories and documentaries based on the issue that are both bias to both sides- I agree.

    I appreciate and respect your comments also and too I am not bias.

    But events that have unreavelled over the years have been minipulated by greek propaganda for years.

    The truth is that you are right but who broke the ZURICH agrrement and WHY back in 1959-1964? And thata where your answers lie and the story unfolds unfortunately?

    I too wish not to get into a political deabate on the forum as I ve viewed so many other sites turn into battle zones due to this already.
    Take care D
  5. terra-nostrum

    terra-nostrum New Member



    I cannot help it but I get a feeling that your profession has something to do with real estate in the North. I have declared my bias and I believe it is ethical for you to declare yours. You cannot claim a "no bias" position if you are professionally engaged in the real estate business on the island, either North or South.

    Please understand that I have nothing against you, i strongly believe that there needs to be a solution on the island, so we can all go on living our lives in total safety and as part of a European family because our people deserves this. If there is a solution then we can all expand our business and we can all sell property to asset rich Europeans who want our sun and our hospitality....
    In the meantime rest assured that the Greek side will continue to put pressure through the UN and Europe in order to stop the usurpation of pre-1974 Greek property in the North. Since the UN has been powerless to do anything about the Cyprus problem, Cypriots (Greek & Turkish) will increasingly look for compensation in the European courts for their lost lands in the North & the South.... The legal risks associated with purchasing property in the North are enough on their own to make a serious investor think twice....Forget the ethical side of the situation.
    As for the South I am keeping my cash for when the prices stabilise because the international economic crisis hasn't hit home yet!!! we seem to be a bit slow, maybe its because we are an island??!!!
    On a lighter note: To Tony, his wife and the rest of his friends, It would be hilarious if the Germans invade the South of England, you end up a refugee in Scotland and the Germans selling off Surrey to the French!!!!!!!! Number 10Downing going for 300,000 euros..... Merci beaucoup!!!
  6. deedee1

    deedee1 New Member

    Hi terra,

    I completely understand what your saying and there are alot of moral issues regarding cyprus that are wrong and need to be resolved!

    take care d

    P.S Im not an agent for NC otherwise I would have started a property thread instead!
  7. Cornholio

    Cornholio New Member


    It is true that the estrangement of the two communities on Cyprus can be traced back to Britain's "divide & rule" policy during the 1950's. Unfortunately both sides fell for it, thus creating a highly combustible mix. Add in the Cold War politics of the times (as dictated by the US) and you ended up with a powder-keg that exploded in 1958, 1963-4 & finally in 1974.

    What makes property investment in northern Cyprus riskier than anywhere else in the sunny Med is the continuing uncertainty as to how much GC-owned land & property will be handed back to its lawful owners after reunification (and by extension, how many newly built villas & apartment complexes will end up getting demolished as a result!!!!:eek:). It is thus absolutely vital to study the island's history & current situation as thoroughly as possible from all sources (GC, TC & independent) and draw your conclusions from that. This is where the Orams' came unstuck.

    Personally, if the title deed is not 110% pre-1974, I wouldn't touch northern Cyprus with a bargepole!!

    Happy house-hunting!!:D

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  8. Cornholio

    Cornholio New Member

    Stating the obvious........

    The no. of GC refugees who fled south in 1974 outnumbered the no. of TC refugees who fled north by more than 3 to 1. By logical extension, it can be safely assumed that a similar ratio of property & land in the north of Cyprus (i.e. 75-80%!!!!) is still legally owned by GC's. Doesn't take rocket science to figure that one out, does it?

    As any lawyer & any legal system in any country will tell you loud & clear:- "Ignorance is NO defence!!!!". As such, the Orams' have no-one to blame but themselves for the legal mess they're still in.

    If the European Court of Justice in Luxemburg decides in favour of the lawful GC owner in this case (and there's every chance that it will), then the ramifications will hit the north Cyprus property market like an earthquake, sending it into freefall.

    Is it still worth the risk? I don't think so!!!!

    Once again, happy house-hunting!!:D

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  9. cadavari

    cadavari New Member

    Cyprus is very volatile. I would never invest. Greece is much better.
  10. Cornholio

    Cornholio New Member

    Something closer to the truth............

    Here's a free history lesson, folks. It may be rather long-winded, but it's certainly well worth reading!!

    Here's to a reunited Cyprus :)


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