no foreigners allowed on HRG-CAI buses

Discussion in 'Egyptian Lounge' started by GM43, Oct 19, 2008.

  1. GM43

    GM43 Banned

    I have heard (also from some experiences) that foreigners are not allowed to travel by bus (El Gouna, Superjet etc) from Hurghada.
    The Red Sea governor "invented" this after the kidnapping of the tourists some weeks ago.

    Before it was limited to a maximum of 5 foreigners per bus.

    Last week I've travelled by car from HRG to CAI without any problems.
  2. M Butler

    M Butler New Member

    I have heard this too. But I wouldn't choose to travel by bus unless it was a last resort. I have seen too many burnt out buses at the side of the road to Cairo.

  3. dave99

    dave99 New Member

    Bus Service to Cairo

    The bus services to Cairo has different level of ticket and different companies - the one I travelled on was just as good as any coach in the UK.
  4. M Butler

    M Butler New Member

    I am sure the coach was fine. It's the drivers that scare me.

  5. wellheld

    wellheld New Member

    My English ex husband and his English colleagues wrote off a few cars between Cairo/Suez/Hurghada in their time here in the oil business, and always reported the location of new potholes to other ex pats (and Avis car hire who had to collect the cars). The roads were very bad in the 80's, and it's not just Egyptian drivers who drive too fast.
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  6. wayne_harris

    wayne_harris New Member

    God I dont think I would bother getting a coach any where if thats the case!!!!!

  7. wellheld

    wellheld New Member

    So what's the alternative to bus travel, 2 brits got stopped on the way to Cairo last week, by car and made to wait for the convoy, nearly missed their flight. Flying is much more expensive and not always convenient.
  8. M Butler

    M Butler New Member

    What convoy to Cairo? We travel regularly to Cairo and didn't know there was a convoy. Is this another new government directive?

  9. Georgina

    Georgina New Member

    There has always been a convoy 'to' Cairo but not the other way. It starts at the security point just outside El Gouna. In the past I have always been made to wait for the convoy having only an annual tourist visa. Luckily when I left for Cairo two weeks ago with my friend Diana in her car we left about one hour before the convoy and everyone was inside their huts so no-one stopped us. Actually no-one stopped us for 2,583 kilometers all the way from El Gouna to Siwa and back! She said she never gets stopped there. Maybe it has something to do with her Cairo number plates?
  10. Huda at pyramids

    Huda at pyramids New Member

    Going round and round and round

    Hi Georgina,
    I guess that her Cairo plates do make a difference, though it also has something to do with your attitude. I'm also a frequent traveler, I drove by car from Hurghada and Aswan, and on that route you have about !!!!25!!!! checkpoints, and in that time I wasn't Moslimah yet and a woman driving in Upper Egypt is already special, but it get's more crazy if it's a European woman from Holland with a Spanish guy next to her and they are not married. That raises questions and after checkpoint number 12 or 13 I was so fed up, that I gave them what I call "the look". straight in the eyes and don't look away. and don't stop. only if the agent gives a totally clear sign which you can really not misunderstand. That brought me through a lot of problems and don't speak english. Speak anything but english or Arabic, if they do stop you. that will confuse the guy and he will get ride of you as soon as possible.
    But now comes the BUT, if you find a more dominant person that you are, or more secure with himself you have a problem. So do this trick mainly with the young, insecure looking skinny guys, you'll succeed.

    About the convoy, it's totally new for me, I've never heard about a convoy from or to Cairo, I know that early in the morning, when all the tourist busses go, that there is some sort of convoy, but that is a 'natural' one, they all leave around the same time and just sort of group together because they can't overtake eachother so easy.
    Of course there's a convoy from Hurghada to Luxor and further south. Specially from Safaga to Qena I advice the less secure drivers to join and take it easy, because this route is not easy. And phone's don't work in this area, my advice is, play it safe, even when it takes more time.
    I myself drove this route quiet a lot and I like it, it's so beautiful. I go alone, but I know how to fix the common problems in a car and I feel secure enough to do it without taking huge risks.

    Concerning the buses, I never had any problem with it. I also heard about this maximum 5 foreigners-rule though I didn't see any driver refuse a foreigner. I don't believe that they do that , it's just noise, but the practise is different. Though if you need to take a bus and you fear that they will refuse you, ask an egyptian to buy your tickets. Tickets are not on name and once you have your ticket you'll be safe. Give the guy in the (bus) door a little tip and you'll be fine.

    My advise in traffic and traveling in Egypt, think Egyptian!!
    And if you want to take a fast course driving in Egypt (this is only for the people driving on the rightside of the street) try driving in Cairo. After that you can handle anything!! :D

    Guys, go out and discover Egypt, but do it safe

    Huda at Pyramids

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