No deal on Brexit and WTO regulations

Discussion in 'UK Property' started by FWL, Jun 3, 2018.

  1. FWL

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    It is looking more likely than ever (although unlikely in reality) that the UK COULD walk away from Brexit talks with no deal. The EU negotiating strategy is becoming ever more bizarre and the sides seem further apart than since the talks started. This cant be good news for the UK economy or the UK property market?

    Are WTO regs really as bad for the UK as some would have you believe? Could they be a useful short term stop gap?
  2. realdeals

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    In many ways it is the perception of what a "no deal" might do to the UK economy which will have a greater impact than the actual effect. We only need to look at the referendum vote with suggestions of a doomsday scenario literally hours after the result was announced. It is worth remembering that the European Union is also standing on a precipice looking into the abyss.
  3. FWL

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    As you quite rightly mention, nobody knows how a “no deal” would impact the UK or indeed the European Union. What we do know is that the doomsday scenarios being painted at the moment are akin to going to the dentist, in reality it is never as bad as you think.
  4. diyhelp

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    Apparently the UK government is on the verge of announcing a new proposition for the EU - lets see how this ones goes down :)
  5. YP123

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    One of the key principles of Brexit is reduced immigration. Debatably it's the open door policy that exists currently that allows overseas investors to come to a small island with limited property and buy, therefore inflating demand, prices and capital growth. If the door is shut then will it have an impact? Maybe. But there will always be immigration, the population will still be growing and, debatably, housing will remain in short supply in the UK.

    More worrying is when TM announces £20bn for the NHS and PH says that this will have to come from taxes but in a 'fair' way. It's fair to hit landlords isn't it.. who's going to argue?
  6. FWL

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    I agree - we pay our already hefty taxes in the UK to fund public services, why should we pay extra because all governments waste billions of pounds on crazy politically correct projects over the years. The bottom line is, and this wont go down well, in the long term the NHS is not viable in its current form. It is already partly privatised behind the scenes although people think because it is "free" at point of delivery that there is no cost. Nothing in the world is free today!

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