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Nightmare with ME bank setup

Discussion in 'Dubai property' started by tracey122, Jan 12, 2009.

  1. tracey122

    tracey122 New Member

    Well for all those people who setup a ME bank account easy, well done as I am having a nightmare!! I went out to Dubai for a week with the intention of while I'm there setting up a ME account I filled in the online application and then waitined for my call I gave them my UK mobile number as the contact number nothing happened so called them and they said my application had been cancelled as they could not get hold of me even though I have a text from them with a application reference number when I first applied and had my phone on me all the time.

    I applied again and the following day I chased it to make sure they had the right details and got told they would not ring a UK number I had to have a UAE tel number to apply which as I explained to her as a non resident I did not have one!!!

    Given I have applied twice now and both unsuccessful I am not hopeful another try will work either.

    For all you people that successfully setup ME accounts can you tell me how and what contact info you used and what paperwork you needed for authentication.
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