Newbie Wanting to say Hi

Discussion in 'New and Emerging Property Markets' started by Kim Whiteman, Jan 12, 2011.

  1. Kim Whiteman

    Kim Whiteman New Member

    Hi all,

    As the title says, I am a newbie to the group. I am a seasoned investor in the US, a licensed Realtor and newbie investor in the UK. I am very excited to have access to a forum with so much information on investments all over the world. I am excited to learn about investment opportunities, hot spots and strategies internationally as much as I am excited to share my experience and knowledge on investments in the US. Looking forward to posting with you.

  2. upen

    upen New Member

    Hello Kim,
    I am newbie as well. I just joined this forum and hope to have a wonderful stay here
  3. lisadodds

    lisadodds New Member

    Hello this is Lisa from UAE, just wanted to say hi to everyone here
  4. tosmur

    tosmur New Member


    Hi from another newbie
  5. theparlis

    theparlis New Member

    It's great to see people all over the world under one roof! Anyway, Im new to the forum as well. Greetings from Singapore!
  6. DamarTBJ

    DamarTBJ New Member

    Hello i'm a newbie too.

    Never thought there's a global property forum here but Alaas.. here am i posting in this forum. I'm from Indonesia, too bad Indonesia government have not allow foreign investor to make property investments in Indonesia yet, but it's good to keep up with the global news!
  7. TBC

    TBC New Member

    Hello everyone


    As someone who is also new to this community, I am looking forward to engaging with like minded individuals. My region of interest in property is Africa,especially South Africa as I am more engaged and active around this part.

  8. zunigacaleb84

    zunigacaleb84 New Member

    I am zuni and I'm the investor in real estate. I am here to learn your experiences and share my problems.
  9. james hall

    james hall New Member

    Hey everyone,
    I am glad to be here. I look forward to meeting everyone and sharing thoughts on this forum.
  10. Ryan M

    Ryan M New Member

    Hi Kim,

    Welcome and look forward to great interaction with you.
  11. myluxureal

    myluxureal New Member

    Hi. Looking forward for a good and best things here for all of us. Thanks!
  12. JustinTorres

    JustinTorres New Member

    Welcome to the forum! I'm also a newbie.

    See you around.. :D
  13. rosemary

    rosemary New Member

    Hi There,

    I am a newbie. My name is Rose Mary.
  14. samvilla

    samvilla Banned

    Hello Friends I Am Also Newly join Here .
  15. pcarabeo

    pcarabeo New Member

    Hi. My name is Precious. I just joined the forum. I'm a realtor from the Philippines. I'm looking forward to meeting new friends and marketing partners from all over the world.

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