New Zealand property market gradually recovering momentum

Nicholas Wallwork

Nicholas Wallwork

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Residential property sales in New Zealand increased by a quarter in January from the same month last year, the latest figures from the Real Estate Institute show. The number of transactions increased by 25% to 4,073 last month from January 2011, when it recorded its worst month ever, and was down 7.4% from December. The [...]

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It is difficult to spot a good investment nowadays with the unstable economy world wide. However, I think NZ and AUS is pretty good investments :biggrin:


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I think they are pretty good investments, if you pick the right area of each country. But people most certainly view NZ as a clean, green and friendly country, and is prettly well known (even if some do think it is part of Aus)


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Certainly interest rates are at their lowest for almost 50 years. These low interest rates are bringing some affordability back to potential purchasers. Then there is the Christchurch rebuild - hold onto your hats.


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NZ is a pretty good investment country. I am planning to buy some properties their in a near future.