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We have decided to share our thoughts and efforts with you all this year (if you are interested that is - if not don't click on the link ) in the form of a blog (idea from Robin - instead of being quiet and keeping some things from the public domain as we were always being accused of "Rocking The Boat" - but the truth must out at some point and we hope to be there when that happens.

We are more than aware that many of you are very happy with your property purchases in the TRNC and we wish you well from the bottom of our hearts - but - some of us are still striving for some sort of justice and the return of what is rightfully ours.

The link to the blog can be found on the

trncpropertywarning website or the cyprus44 forum or the trncvilla owners phpbb3 forum

Our Very Best To You All


Not open for further replies.