New Visa Restrictions enforced for foreign visitors to panama

Discussion in 'Panama Property' started by LisaNic, Sep 16, 2008.

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    As per the latest news from OPP:

    The Panamanian government has issued new visa restrictions across a range of categories for international visitors to the country that will have a direct affect on agents selling Panama to overseas buyers.

    Effective at the start of this month, one of the main changes that will impact on Russian and other nationalities that are starting to snap up real estate in growing numbers in the country, is the permanent residency situation. A preferred method of purchase by Russian investors, a buyer will now have to purchase a property in excess of $300,000, up from $200,000 in August.

    Previously UK, European and US holidaymaker or investor, could stay in the country for up to 90 days without the need to obtain a visa, with the option for an extension of 90 days if necessary.

    Under the new laws, international visitors are restricted to just 30 days, with the option of applying for a further 60 days, if they can produce a document signed by a friend or business associate in the country. Under existing reciprocity agreements, those visitors not initially requiring a visa will still not be required to obtain one before entering the country.
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    Just to update this message the Visa situation is now back to 90 days not 30 in Panama

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