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new style of investment-BB car parks

Discussion in 'Dubai property' started by jorgio12, May 12, 2008.

  1. jorgio12

    jorgio12 New Member

    I'm thinking of investing in to a new style of property investment.
    buying car prks in Business bay.
    it looks very lucrative, and very cheap entry price -one car park is 100,000dirham
    the agnt promising 35%-40% per anum. I feel like it is going to be a great investment as when people buying an office or appartment in BB they only getting one or two parking spaces and they for sure will need more as in an office there are more thn only two employees that will need carparks.
    anyone have any comments about this new investment idea before i go and do it?
  2. fws

    fws New Member

    Have you got more details? Who is selling? Guarantees? Who will organise rentals? etc etc
  3. jorgio12

    jorgio12 New Member

    the company that offer this deal offer it as a fund.
    I will have to put my money in and than give them the aouthority to handle all purchases rental etc in my name.
    Fund Term: April 30th 2010 – but there are exit options.
    Fund Size: 20,400,000 AED million.
    they say they are buying car parks in the most busy key location in bb and that during construction period(they are buying in development that is under construction) the car park that I buy for 100k dirham will be worth 150k-200k within 2 years.
    they send me all the investment logic etc and it looks reallly good and the exit plan is good as well. I think this is the best way to invest in bb for someone with lower amout of cash like me.
  4. fws

    fws New Member

    I've sent you a pm with my email address. Please can you send me details? Many thanks.
  5. jorgio12

    jorgio12 New Member

    sure i will send you a pm back
  6. New_Investor

    New_Investor Banned

    you should also read the T&C in FULL specially the samll font ones, who's the fund manager for this one?
  7. DAYFox

    DAYFox New Member

    I have two car parks in Business bay which are close to a building direct at the entrance of BB -the building is ready 2009. For 100.000AED i can sell you one if you are really interested!
  8. mpat

    mpat New Member

    Actually its a good and innovative idea to do business,the logics are right.but the concepts is not supported by any legal provisions.Like R u getting any type of Ownership on it? Is it possible to lease it out separately, what is the exit strategy? etc
  9. jorgio12

    jorgio12 New Member

    exit stratedegy is (i copy and paste)
    Exit Options:
    Although the Fund is being structured as a two year investment, we intend, on a best endeavours basis, to invite 'new'
    investors into the Fund from the date of the Funds first Anniversary. An estimated end year one value is 120,000
    AED – and we would not expect any problem in attracting new investors at that new 'entry price'. We ultimately
    expect the car parking slots to be worth 150k - 200k AED each – thus allowing any new investors considerable
    upside. Prices at the end of the first year should reflect a) the development being one year closer to completion b) car
    parking prices in Dubai rising with market demand/shortage c) some car parking slots could be sold to office/floor
    owners, through the Developer and d) ad-hoc sales/rentals will be transacted where appropriate. Where any
    sales/new money is received there will be a dividend/capital repayment made to Investors. This type of asset is highly
    Fees: We will take no fees at point of entry but be entitled to 10% of any profit achieved at point of 'exit'. We will also
    take no fees if the Investor does not get a minimum of 20% per annum from the Fund / Investment. In the event that
    an Investor does not 'en-cash', there will be a fee payable at maturity of the Fund, that will be equivalent to what would
    have arisen had he/she cashed in his/her investment. There may be legal and other 'structure' fees of approx 1% of
    the fund.

    the more i look at this i like it more
  10. really_true

    really_true New Member

    pm me the details --be sure of the small print . ask the gusy whats teh catch
    right away dont be scared be unashamed its ur money they want they are not doing u a favour so scan the whole thing with a fine comb and see

    PM me the details :) ill tell u wether its worth or not

  11. iloilo

    iloilo Member

    Gio, This concept looks lucrative. I am highly interested as well as a bit scared of anything sounding ... overly lucrative. Nevertheless, please pm me the details. I have a couple of colleagues who are also interested as the initial outlay is so manageable. Thanks.
  12. jorgio12

    jorgio12 New Member

    will dosend you a pm i'm happy to spread the word
  13. Roshan

    Roshan New Member

    That's new to me :confused:

    BB car parks willl not come into action till 2010. BB will only come into the market ( that too partially ) in 2010.

    Why do you want to block that money. That Dhs 100,000 could be a down payment for a small property probably in Ajman, wher the returns if put now is higher.

  14. jorgio12

    jorgio12 New Member

    you right about the down paymentamount but once you put the down payment you will need to mcome up with more money to comply with the developer payment plan as the total price of the property in ajman will be more than 100k dhs.
    over here i'm looking at total investment of 100k and no further payment needed.
    you can say probably can put 100k down payment in ajman and than resell before my next payment, but this is a gamble i'm not in position to take because if i'm not sell in time i dont have mony for the next payment.
  15. Roshan

    Roshan New Member

    You are right, distress is not the name of the game. What I was thinking is coupling 100K down payment with bank finance.

    Good luck. Nobody thought about this concept. In time to come Business Bay would have a parking and infra structure problem.

    People who buy with imediate access to main road will have easy renting.

    The car park plan should be concentrated on inner buildings and not on the boundry of BB.

  16. jorgio12

    jorgio12 New Member

    I cahecked with the company and they are concentrating on the busiest most conjested traffic areas in bb in locations with demand
  17. jordanph

    jordanph New Member

    car park investments

    I have been looking at this thread with great interest. I am just researching myself the possibility of investing into car parking spaces, I have come across a company in Dubai that offers car parking spaces with a guaranteed income of 9%pa on average for 5 years. I have heard that these investments are quite common in Australia, does anyone have any information on such investment opportunities in Australia?
  18. amplesou

    amplesou Banned

    i have a apartment being built with 1 free parking space which we don,t need i think!
    just an idea ,must be loads like us ?
  19. jorgio12

    jorgio12 New Member

    why australia?
    Is it good car park investment over there?
  20. zazuip

    zazuip New Member

    I picked up the details of this at exhibition in UK. Looks like the offer is for the purchase of a 99 year lease and they guarantee the first 5 years rent at 9% pa. Car park is at Nikki Lauda towers, Dubai in Business Bay. PM me if you want the details.
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