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Discussion in 'Buying Overseas Property' started by stealer, Aug 6, 2008.

  1. stealer

    stealer New Member

    Been looking around this forum for a few months and I've now got 15K or so to think about investing abroad. Property market in the Uk isn't worth considering at the moment so I was curious as to the next "big thing", where to avoid and if known, any companies/developers to steer clear off. I don't have a mortgage to I guess could buy off plan and finance the rest.
  2. sap001

    sap001 New Member

    Hello Stealer

    Stay clear of DAMAC Properties. They have a terrible record of delivering their projects late
  3. stealer

    stealer New Member

    Is that due to funding, workmanship, sales?
  4. sap001

    sap001 New Member


    Many reasons.........

    1) Personal experience - my apartment was due to be ready in Dec 2006 is still not ready yet
    2) Many people like me have complained about DAMAC eg queries not dealt with, staff leaving, not keeping investors fully briefed, being economical with the truth etc etc
    3) No compensation yet for those investors affected by continual project delays
    4) Cancelled some of their projects incurring the wrath of investors who put in their hard earned monies

    The list is endless....................
  5. stealer

    stealer New Member

    Thanks for the info Sap, I hope things work out for you eventually.
  6. vera

    vera New Member

    Hello! Our construction company in Turkey Have a very good project now Luxury Apartments and Penthouse İn Alanya Turkey!Very good investments projet!
    Price of apartment 103 000 euro Completion year 2009..
    Ofcourse possible to find smth more cheap....
    Why very good investment?Becaouse next year 30 km away from Alanya( now aiport is 150 km away) will open new international airport...and its already garant of the price jump!
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  7. lena green

    lena green New Member


    In Alcantarilha near the Amendoeira Golf Course about to be opened next month, there are 5 Town Houses going up shortly at half the price of the golf course props. I know one of them is shortly to be sold as a loss leader to kick start the sales. You could enquire, but aviod the rush if you can and get in quick.
  8. lena green

    lena green New Member


    by the way, if you Google Amendoeira you`ll find its in Portugal. The village of Alcantarilha (google that as well) is destined to expand very quickly when potential buyers for golf villas realise what the village has to offer. Right now Alcantarilha is the Algarves best kept secret, until now of course.................sssssssssshhhhh keep it to yourself !!
  9. bhc

    bhc New Member

    Try the USA four house for under 15K

    15K would get you four repossessions in Ohio or Michigan. Thats not just the house but the land as well. Some of these house were over $100.000.
    No mortgage debts as they have been cleared when the house is sold at auction.
    The average rent return is $550 a month. Price will rise again then sell.
    Or build up a nice rental portfolio.
    I have 16 just now.

  10. Werhop

    Werhop New Member

    4 houses for GBP15k? wow that is cheap! is that true, or did i misunderstand something? what type of houses are these?
  11. bhc

    bhc New Member

    US property

    If you send through an email address I will show you what I bought.
    Its a buyers market just now in the US.
  12. Werhop

    Werhop New Member

    [email protected] - i would love to see the properties... thx.
  13. bhc

    bhc New Member

    Hi have sent you an email with the pictures. Brian
  14. jasminewee

    jasminewee New Member


    Would you be keen to invest in singapore properties?
    I am sure you are aware of its potential and returns.

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  15. Rahatayaz

    Rahatayaz New Member

    TRY Ajman or Dubai, there are too many good developers like ETA star, OMNIYAT, Nakheel, EMAAR and many more,

    Rahat Ayaz
    00971 50 8995698
    rahatayaz at gmail dot com
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