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new oasis at Saidia

Discussion in 'Morocco Property' started by ABH, Jun 9, 2008.

  1. ABH

    ABH New Member


    Has anyone got any experiences you can share about buying an apartment with the new oasis at Saidia S.A.R.L. - previously dealt with by Superior.

    Any help anyone
  2. sunnydays

    sunnydays New Member

    Not quite sure of what you mean by "new Oasis"
    I understand most agents were offered contracts to work directly with Oasis Maroc rather than through Superior.
    Some of the Superior Staff are now working for Oasis. It has been stated that Chris North one of the Superior Directors is also the Director of Oasis Maroc.

    Is there any information in particular that you wanted and which of their plots are you interested in?
  3. tony ben

    tony ben New Member

    I thought this company has gone to the wall is this correct.
  4. Mr Ri

    Mr Ri New Member

    Its incorrect. Oasis are still active - its Superior (or parts thereof) who were marketing the Oasis properties that have gone bump. You can now get updates/details from Oasis direct at this site -> Oasis
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