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New Natal Airport

Discussion in 'Brazil Property' started by Kliffy, Jan 12, 2009.

  1. Kliffy

    Kliffy New Member

    New news to me ... Good to hear ... Thanks for update.
  2. RainerR

    RainerR New Member

    What happened to KLIFFY's comments?
  3. Bidu

    Bidu New Member

    The Federal Govern's official's speech is that the Airport will be ready till World Cup in June of 2014.

    Personally, I have doubts about it. Only the "airplanes's roads" were completed. No building's instalation so far. Plus, this airport is located more distant from the middle center of Natal, than the old one (which is still functioning).

    I believe that in a normal day, it would take around 40 minutes to leave the not built airport to the middle center of Natal.

    It's only a really good news to foreigners who purchased beach houses in the nort coast of Natal, which is not developped as the south coast.
  4. Kliffy

    Kliffy New Member

    Many Thanks for update ....
  5. debzor

    debzor New Member

    I heard a whisper yesterday from someone close to the airline industry that BA are looking to start flights from London to Recife in time for the WC...
  6. Kliffy

    Kliffy New Member

    Sounds like BA don't think new Natal airport will be ready in time either .... also reported in UK press Virgin are also looking to establish South American routes but not specifically Brazil but they are also reported to be buying A380's ... draw your own conclusions ... also some internet travel sites are quoting increased charter carriers to Brazil from April ... again nothing specific at this time ....
  7. Bidu

    Bidu New Member

    For me, there is no doubt that the airport will be finished next year. Probably in the first semester.

    But... the access roads to it not even start and this is the main concern of this construction on this moment.
  8. Allumjo

    Allumjo Member

    Are flights being marketed yet? surely that would give an indication to whether the airport will be finished.
  9. Bidu

    Bidu New Member

    I don't have any info related to it. But according to the link below:

    Notícia - Turismo - Aviação - Novo aeroporto de Natal terá primeiro voo em 3 de abril

    They are still convinced that the 1st flight will happen at April 3rd at 08:30.

    The most problematic situation is the access roads to it.

    According to the news, one of the access (with 9km) was guaranteed by the governor that in March will be ready.

    the other access (with 17 km) will be ready close to the beginning of the world cup.
  10. Kliffy

    Kliffy New Member

    Appreciate the update Bidu ...

    TUKIDOUK New Member

    HI What about New Airport is it going to be finished for world cup.
  12. Kliffy

    Kliffy New Member

    First Flight Arrivo!!!

    Congratluations Natal on delivering on time and in time for The World Cup adequately silencing all the doubters! ... Appreciate the infrastructure still needs to be completd but at least the planes can now land!
  13. lutjebroek

    lutjebroek New Member

    Almost finished, that is.

    And international flights cannot land there yet, as the paperwork is not ready.

    Quite a bad performance, I think, for the airport that was announced time after time as the (in near future) biggest of South America.
  14. totallyproperty

    totallyproperty Administrator Staff Member

    Will it be fully functional for the world cup?
  15. Kliffy

    Kliffy New Member

    Bad by international standards but normal for Brazil although it always gets done in the end. I read that the old airport has already closed to commercial traffic??? ... Where are international flights going in the meantime?

    Do you know if new airport access road to the north (101) is complete yet or is it just a road to Natal?
  16. Kliffy

    Kliffy New Member

    Appreciate the update Rob ... When there I need to travel north to Maracajau on the 101 so it would be good to know when the route to the 101 from the new airport is established.

  17. Kliffy

    Kliffy New Member

    Thank you for your response. I did drive it when I was last there last year but wondered whether the route north would be improved as part of the airport develop works.
  18. Kliffy

    Kliffy New Member

    Any evidence of any new European carriers using the new airport on a regular basis since the World Cup?
  19. lutjebroek

    lutjebroek New Member

    Unlike some project developers the established airlines are not really willing to gamble their (or others) money on white elephants.

    Therefore, the answer is no (TAP excluded probably)
  20. Mineiro

    Mineiro Member

    Couldn't agree with you more.
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