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New Natal Airport

Discussion in 'Brazil Property' started by Kliffy, Jan 12, 2009.

  1. Kliffy

    Kliffy New Member

    What news on new Natal airport progress? ... Rumour has it work has ground to a recessionary halt. Are we to see aircraft landing with throngs of happy holidaymakers and eager investors in 2010 or is 2010 now 2015? ....
  2. robh

    robh Administrator Staff Member Premium Member

    According to the president of ADIT Nordeste it will be more like 2011/12. Since a large part of the new airport is meant to be devoted to freight I imagine that demand for Brazil commodities will really dictate when this airport is finished.

    Demand for Brazilian commodities is down at the moment which is why the real is so low, but once the US and Europe pick up again that will change of course.

  3. jeduardo

    jeduardo New Member

    Published 12-Jan-2009 in Nominuto
    Estudo de viabilidade do aeroporto será concluído em 6 meses -

    Feasibility study of the airport will be completed in 6 months
    Technicians from BNDES started this Monday (12) a series of meetings with representatives of state government.

    The report on the study of technical and economic feasibility of the International Airport of São Gonçalo, which will serve as a basis for opening the bidding to ensure the continuity of the work and its completion by 2010, should be completed by the end of this semester.

    Technicians from BNDES and the consortium contracted to prepare the study started this Monday (12) a series of meetings with representatives of the state government to collect data to help in achieving the task.

    The governor Wilma de Faria requested speed the completion of the feasibility study, which will define, among other issues, the most appropriate model for granting the project, whether conventional or sponsored also by private capital (PPP).

    "We could go a long way in this first meeting, because we had important material to present, as the Development Plan of the Metropolitan Region, concluded last year," assessed the state Secretary of Planning, Vagner Araújo, emphasizing the quality of the technicians involved in the study , "members of a multidisciplinary team of international level."

    "We sector by holding meetings Thursday to gather information which subsidize the technical studies, emphasizing areas such as market demand, engineering and environmental issues," said the manager of the Publishing Project BNDES, Leonardo Leon
    According said, is scheduled to visit the technical works to the airport, which is currently pending completion of the runway landing and started the construction of the parking courtyard.


    Last December, the federal government announced the release of additional $ 20 million for the construction of the airport in Sao Goncalo do Amarante. The resources should sum to U.S. $ 68 million that will be released for work, under the Growth Acceleration Plan (CAP) for 2009. The airport will have the greatest track of landing the Northeast, and have, when completed, the largest cargo terminal in Latin America and seventh in the world.

    Besides the main runway, projected to be 3,000 meters long and 60 meters wide (the Airport Augusto Severo has 2,600 meters by 45 meters), the airport of São Gonçalo has five lines of taxis, with varying sizes. After completion of the landing runway and taxi infrastructure and safety of flight (lighting, signs, among others), the next step will be the construction of the passenger terminal that, when fully completed, will be able to receive up to 40 million people per year.
  4. jeduardo

    jeduardo New Member

    27-Jan-2009 Journal NoMinuto
    In individual audience with President Lula, governor of the state asks for swiftness in the construction of the airport of São Gonçalo do Amarante.
  5. Kliffy

    Kliffy New Member

  6. jeduardo

    jeduardo New Member

    Brazilian President Lula asks BNDES for agility in the construction of new airport
    In a hearing with Governor Wilma de Faria, the President said that the airport will start operating by the end of 2010.
  7. Sao P

    Sao P New Member

    And Pigs fly.
  8. JMBroad

    JMBroad New Member

    So they will be landing those pigs in Natal's new airport from 2010 on?

    Would probably help the rest of us if either of you added some more information - Jeduardo where did you hear that news about Lula and Wilma? Was it in a newspaper, radio?

    And SaoP are there any new reasons why you don't think it'll be ready by 2010?

    Any information helps but a little substenance goes a long way.
  9. jeduardo

    jeduardo New Member

    Sorry, I usually provide a link(s) to back up my information.

    19/02/2009 12h15min
    Brazilian President Lula asks BNDES for agility in the construction of new airport
    In a hearing with Governor Wilma de Faria, the President said that the airport will start operating by the end of 2010.
    18/02/2009 22h21min
    Decree of ZPE for São Gonçalo airport will be signed in April
    The hearing of the Governor Wilma de Faria with the Executive Secretary and Deputy Minister of Development, Ivan Ramalho, lasted about half an hour and the result is it that President Luis Inacio Lula da Silva will sign the decree to regulate the Export Processing Zone (ZPE) on April 6 during the reunion of the Northeast Development Superintendency (SUDENE) that will take place in Montes Claros, interior de Minas Gerais.

    40% of primary and secondary runways already completed - totaling 6 km long
    25/11/2008 ???
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  10. debzor

    debzor New Member

    I suggest 4 things may be at issue here:

    1) should you ever believe what is printed in the press?

    2) should you ever believe what is printed in the Brazilian press?

    3) should you ever believe in Brazilian timelines?

    4) what colour should those pigs be?
  11. Sao P

    Sao P New Member

    I am not disputing it will not be completed, I am only disputing the time keeping. Like the majoity of posts, me and my brasilian colleagues just laugh at the nievity of gringos on this site. If you havent lived here for any reasonable amout of time, foreign people just dont understand how things work here.

    Get back to me in 2010 when all completed. I will certainly eat my words for all to see.
  12. JMBroad

    JMBroad New Member

    One could argue the differences between optimistic, pessimistic and naievity until the pigs come home to roost though :)

    But we'll see - I'm personally not convinced about 2010 but I'm hopeful.
  13. Kliffy

    Kliffy New Member

    Any news is better than no news and out of that may come some substance ... eventually!

    new Natal airport > emergence from global recession > increase in carriers to Natal > more tourists > increased development > property boom ?

    I know ... wishfull thinking or what!

  14. JMBroad

    JMBroad New Member

    Personally I've always thought it's better to have a continuous and steady, sustainable property market with conditions to help the market rise at a healthy pace rather than the kind of gambling that went on in Dubai.

    However, that is not to say that I don't believe in the plans for the new airport - I'm 100% convinced that a much larger airport can and will bring huge benefits to Natal, RN and the Northeast as a while. I hope that the runways will be finished and the terminals will be built very soon (sooner the better) however there is a potential catalyst which is much more important than the airport for us to see a real "property boom" in Brazil.

    Currently there are very good conditions to invest in the Brazillian real estate market, some areas are considered "better investments" than others and each of the above are subject to the opinions and hopes of those who have or are looking to invest in the market in one way or another. Just travelling around Brazil it's easy to see potential just about anywhere. But it's not because of the tourists, the tourists help, no doubt but the domestic population is the driving force fuelling it and the force that will keep it going for many years.

    Remember that political and economic security is something of relatively recent years in Brazil - when Brazil achieved Political stability could be argued but I remember Brazilian friends of mine back when Lula first ran for office (as recently as 2002/2003) terrified that he was going to destroy the work of Cardoso and ruin the growing economy... But when he surprised everyone by continuing many of the policies and even improving on many of them, the change of heart was noticeable. And it worked - and how.

    Economic stability is something Brazil has really only achieve in the past three years. The leaps and bounds which the Brazilian economy has taken just since 2005 is staggering. Look it up.

    Now, add to that 30 year mortgages which were only implemented for the first time last year and you have a population (5th largest population in the world, remember) which is young, confident in the potential of their nation and suddenly has the option of 30 year credit.

    So what is missing? What is always missing during the infancy of a mortgage market - availability of similar mortgage product to overseas investors. Brazilians can get mortgages but chiefly only for housing which is already built and has the "Habite-se" license - the certification that what they are buying was built according to the approved plans and is ready for habitation. Overseas investors who want to purchase off-plan at a discount can only do so if they have the cash available.

    So, while the airport will be a huge boon to the area, financial packages being available to overseas buyers is the real carrot we should be hoping for. With the packages currently available to Brazilian buyers, you can buy a house in Brazil in a good neighbourhood, in a gated development with lots of amenities for 100 € a month or less. But (for now) only if you are Brazilian.
  15. Kliffy

    Kliffy New Member

    Interesting perspective ... Thank you
  16. jeduardo

    jeduardo New Member

    Wedneday, 25-Feb-2009 16:49

    This Thursday the Governor of RN will discuss the swiftness of construction of the airport with president of BNDES.

    President Lula did not like hearing that the schedule of opening the airport, initially planned for the end of 2010, could be extended given the delay in the bidding process for modeling the concession.

    Governadora irá discutir aeroporto com direção do BNDES

    Wedneday, 26-Feb-2009 14:48

    Auction(bids) for the construction of São Gonçalo Airport will take place in August to choose the private consortium responsible for the completion of construction and operation of the airport of São Gonçalo do Amarante.

    Leilão para construção do Aeroporto de São Gonçalo deve sair em agosto
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  17. jeduardo

    jeduardo New Member

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  18. debzor

    debzor New Member

    Mixed metaphors apart, if the tender process occurs in August 2009, I cannot see it realistically being completed by the end of 2010, just 16 months later...!

    But the sooner the better...
  19. JMBroad

    JMBroad New Member

    I meant that relating to overall in Brazil -

    Sao P had said that "Like the majoity of posts, me and my brasilian colleagues just laugh at the nievity of gringos on this site" - therefore they are laughing at how naive the gringos are relating to numerous different posts, not just this one. Hence my remark that perhaps the gringos aren't always being naive, perhaps they are trying to remain optimistic in the face of adversity.

    Take this thread for example - it would be naive to agree with all those real estate agents out there professing that the 40 million passenger super-hub will be ready in 2009. However, to hope that the airport will actually get built within the next couple of years would be optimistic. To think that the government will pocket the cash and take a long trip to disneyland would be (albeit quite imaginative) somewhat pessimistic... Unless you work in the government and have packed your bags and bought a ticket to disneyland of course... in that case I think you are being far too optimistic.
  20. jeduardo

    jeduardo New Member

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