New letting agent needed - any advice?

Discussion in 'Spanish property' started by ChairmanDavey, Jan 29, 2013.

  1. ChairmanDavey

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    My parents own a small apartment in Alicante, Spain, which they rent out during the year. They've been contacted by their agent (Alicante Sol) who said they are no longer renting out tourist homes, and focusing on just buying and selling property.

    So we're looking for a new agent to rent out the property for us, I was wondering if anybody would be able to recommend a good company, who hopefully;

    • Are able to do business in English - we always had to translate letters from Alicante Sol...
    • Specialise (or have a good track record) of dealing with tourist properties
    • Ideally have an online system to check how many bookings have been made and when the property is free.

    Or I'd be happy to be pointed to a more appropriate forum if I've misposted.

    Thanks guys
  2. ChairmanDavey

    ChairmanDavey New Member

  3. brinkriley

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    hi you could always try advertising yourself on ownersdirect ad gumtree would also save you money on fees all the best
  4. ChairmanDavey

    ChairmanDavey New Member

    Thanks for the advice brinkriley, but the hassle of making sure the place is clean etc. is too much of a burden, so I think a company would be the best way to progress with this.
  5. algorfa

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    You could try ARCO in Alicante

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