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New Investor - What should I buy at Cityscape?

Discussion in 'Dubai property' started by Safdir, Sep 24, 2008.

  1. Safdir

    Safdir New Member


    I am UK investor considering buying property in Dubai or Abu Dhabi for flipping after 3 to 6 months. Is this still still a viable way of investing?

    If there are so many new projects being launched all the time at pre launch straight from the developer why would anyone choose to buy a resale property 3 or 6 months after?

    Which projects or developers should I look out for at Cityscape?

    Any advice would be appreciated.

  2. cheemz

    cheemz New Member

    The 'flipping in 3-6 months' days are over!
    Buyers now should be prepared to pay at least 3-4 payments of 10% before selling...
    There is just too much on the market for the quick flips. Furthermore direct from developer offers continue to flood the market, making it harder for the secondary market to move as quick as it used to.
    My prediction is since direct from developer properties are getting much more expensive, that region of the market will see a drought... The re-sale market will begin to flourish once the imminent correction takes place and prices of certain projects fall at least 20%-30%
  3. sonofthedesert

    sonofthedesert New Member

    Agree totally. The quick flip days are over. Too much on the market and a lot of uncertainty. Most are hoping to rent out or sell to an end user. Don't forget about the expected declines of 10-20% in Dubai. My guess it will be more like 40-50%. Abu Dhabi is probably a better buy now, but very speculative. It will probably follow price declines in Dubai anyway. Don't bother with the artificially inflated prices the developers will want at Cityscape. Look into the re-sale market now for discounts of 20-40% from what the developers are asking. Some may require a little bit more down payment than a new place, but they are substantially cheaper.
  4. cansaw

    cansaw New Member

    1. Consider something close to the water (marina's or sea) - views are ALWAYS important. People love being near water, and property close to it sell quicker.

    2. Rather buy a few smaller units, than one big one (this way you reduce your risk - if one does not sell quickly, you still have the others to relay on - other than you just buying one big unit).

    3. I will also recommend that you buy different units in different towers/locations and not few on the same floor or in the same tower/apartment block.

    4. There are also very good re-sales available at completative prices (the towers are completed) AND you can see what you buy.
  5. Safdir

    Safdir New Member

    Thanks for the tips guys - keep them coming!

    Here in the UK there is so much uncertainty that I want to make extra sure that the UAE is the right place to invest before parting with my cash.

  6. cansaw

    cansaw New Member

    Hi Saf
    You have all my sympathy when looking at what is happening, all over the world. I trust that you have visited Dubai so see what is happening here! This might give you more clearance as to what it do - but Dubai is and will be an excellent investment for the years to come.
  7. Safdir

    Safdir New Member

    Yeah, It's actually quite frightening what is going on here.

    I have been out to Dubai a couple of times this year already but was reluctant to invest because of UK stuff.

    There seems to be some concerns here as well.

    Hopefully Cityscape will show us how the market is.

  8. cansaw

    cansaw New Member

    Yes - good idea. But as mentioned before, there are good re-sales on the market, where the development has been completed, and you can see what you are buying, where it is located, what is close by, and have a tenant in place. Consider all options, before you buy.

    Good luck!
  9. rasha1312

    rasha1312 New Member

    hi safdir, Ill tell u one thing a bout Dubai , if the market goes down here the govermnt directly will inject money to make the prices in the same limits at least, and Sheikh Mohamed vision will not be completed until another 3-5 years from now which is making the real estate in Dubai still growing , belive me its not to late to invest and Ill advise u in only one project Mizin remraam for alot of reasons, if u want contact me on my mail and ill send u the full details about the project and y its the strongest in the market.
    rasha.mashni at g mail dot com
    p.s the prices i have the cheapest in the market / and I dont chrge commission
  10. georgihh

    georgihh New Member

    Apart from a piece of paper

    Apart from a piece of paper nothing else you can buy.
    Well all the papers are different some will become really nice flats, some will vanish and some will make you 20 years older, but it’s a good try.
    Emaar is the most expensive developer but on the other hand the most reliable.
    Nakheel – you never know too many big fishes in the company and can expect everything.
    Some small developers are ok, study the history of each one of them and pick the correct one.
  11. Safdir

    Safdir New Member


    Which of the smaller developers do you recommend?
  12. cansaw

    cansaw New Member

    You can work with any developer, as long is they are listed on the RERA website. (The Real Estate Regulatory Agency, Government of Dubai) - this is for investments in Dubai. As from 1 November, this registration is compulsory. You can also check on the website if the developer is registered and if the project is registered. That way your monies will be safe in Dubai. You are welcome to send any other post, if I can be of assistance.
  13. cansaw

    cansaw New Member

    Also see that you buy from a Broker that is registered with RERA, as the Government now regulates the market and no "freelancers" are allowed to sell property as from November 1. RERA brokers, is trained as to the market conditions and laws of Real Estate in Dubai.
  14. zoali

    zoali New Member


    There are still good and quick profits to be made, provided investment is made in the right projects. We have with us projects that can still give quick returns and are a safe bet.
    Remember, it's true that in todays time not all developements will yield quick returns. But there is no doubting the fact that Dubai is still the place to invest. I can even show proof of profit that we have made for our clients in 3, 6 and 12 month periods.
    Get back to me on re [at] iqragroup dot com and I can send some details.
  15. Roshan

    Roshan New Member

    Cityscape is the wrong time to buy. The response to this years Cityscape will seal the fate of property buying in Dubai.

    Let's face it no market will go up forever...Dubai or no Dubai. A correction would be good for Dubai.

    Flipping days are over as others put it. If you have a backup to sustain the payments and eventually inherit the property if push comes to shove, then try your luck at flipping - but that's difficult, let me tell you.

    If I were you and still have the urge to buy, I would wait for months after Cityscape. Buy ready properties and rent out to get immediate relief and hold on for a few years which might get you some appreciation.

    Good luck.


  16. rudeboy

    rudeboy New Member

    roshan and others i agree what you have been saying. I have already invested in the pacific in RAK and I want to invest in dubai. got this real bad urge :D

    I agree with you that you should buy ready properties but the problem is not everyone has 500,000dhs to pay up front just like that :(. ppl prefer paying in installments. I dont know about the rest but I certainly do.

    Guys and girls where do you think I should invest? I have been offered 475000dhs for a studio in sports city size is 450 sq ft. sports city is next to arabian ranches and next door to the new media city and not that far from jebel ali etc.

    I have already invested in 1 bedroom in the international city in CBD. I was able to pick it up for 650,000dhs ready to move into and already it is on rent. rent is approximately 75,000dhs.

    If I can get a rent of 75000dhs in a CBD in international city what do you think the rent will be for a studio in sports city?
  17. passi0nate

    passi0nate New Member

    Can u post the website address .. Thanks
  18. Safdir

    Safdir New Member

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