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Discussion in 'Malaysia property' started by rkinvestor, Oct 3, 2008.

  1. rkinvestor

    rkinvestor New Member

    I am planning to get into some foreign investments. I am not sure where to invest, thinking of Malaysia, Singapore or Thailand. Since this is my first investment, could someone please give me some insight on where to invest and on which projects?

  2. askfind

    askfind New Member

    Replied to your PM.
  3. ariecol

    ariecol New Member

    presumely into property?

    i know malaysia. thats it. post ur question here and we will drill it ;-)
  4. hazri

    hazri New Member


    i'm living in Malaysia and own my own consulting company and my best is in law and properties..
    i think its better for you to invest in a country that you know that its safe and most of all is strong in economic aspects such as malaysia..i'm saying this becouse malaysia now are more keen to invite and give many benefits for investor like your,it'll be much better for you to invest in malaysia
  5. itsmazlin

    itsmazlin New Member

    All three are good, famous tourist spots in Asian continent. I think Singapore or malaysia is more attractive compared to thailand considering business and tourist attractions.
  6. ylloh

    ylloh New Member

    To invest alwsys consider
    1) economy growth
    2) political stability
    3) natural disasters
    So, Singapore & Malaysia are equally good....
  7. Dave_Velasco

    Dave_Velasco New Member

    Other than Malaysia and Thailand, I mostly prefer Singapore. I think they have a good housing market and they really manage well their economy.

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