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Hello all,

Just thought you folk might like to know we have launched an extensive new Property Investment Information Centre section on our website –
(click the information centre button)

The Information Centre offers you direct access to our extensive knowledge base of property investment in the UK and internationally. The Information Centre will be kept up-to-date on market movements as well as investment opportunities, so please check back for regular updates.

As one of the most comprehensive sources of property knowledge available on the web, we offer detailed information on Starting Out, Residential Property, Commercial Property, Property Management, International Property and Property Finance.

We are currently adding to this area of the website, and will be offering a comprehensive archive of documents, articles and analysis produced by the Inside Track team and other specialist organisations in the marketplace.

Whilst we add content to the Information Centre we are offering a range of free-to-access pages to give you a flavour of the site, including Starting Out and our comprehensive Country Guides, which we will be adding to over the coming weeks.

Hope you don’t mind me making this my first post – I’ll hang around and hopefully be able to offer some impartial advice too! :)


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I have little confidence in an organisation that has the child like view that UK property will always go up in value.

Japan has a higher population density and property boomed until 17 years ago since when prices have fallen ever since. AND THATS WITH 0% INTEREST RATES.

Now I see you are following the Bulgaria bandwagon which seasoned investros avoid as there is no second hand market, a very short season and huge oversupply. Using simplistc lines like 'the latest member of the EU' simply wont wash with thinking investors.

You should be into Berlin, Morocco, Cape Verde and demonstrate adherence to the oldest rule of investing: Get in early.


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Thanks. You raise some interesting points. Firstly, there is a cyclical
element to property markets. We don't say that UK property will at all
times be going up in value but we do believe that in the medium to long
term - which is how we advise our members to view their investments -
that returns will be good. UK prices have risen by a massive 5,000% over
the past 40 years, largely because the balance between supply and demand
has, and continues, to worsen.
The situation in Japan was quite different, with much greater housing
supply to match demand.
Likewise, you suggest we're following the "Bulgaria bandwagon"! That's
quite wrong. We don't and will not invest in Bulgaria (and quite a few
other so-called hot spots) for the very reasons you mention.
Yes, Morocco's looking good and possibly Cape Verde. Berlin too has good
potential but so many amateur investors have thought this applies to the
rest of what was East Germany and have had their fingers burned. The
reason? Germany has a rapidly declining but increasingly wealthy
population. So people are moving out of poorer locations in the East to
the economically-buoyant cities of the West, and Berlin...
Successful property investing relies on doing effective homework. That's
what we do for our clients.


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