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New Germany forum

Discussion in 'German Property' started by willy01, Jul 6, 2008.

  1. willy01

    willy01 New Member

    There seems to be a lot of people interested in investing in Germany but are having a whole host of problems or questions.

    This forum would try to do the following;

    Answer any questions concerning Germany

    Offer help and advice to members on issues such as Finance, Legal, Investing, Property, Moving, Working, Language, Banks, Buying and Selling, contacts and anything else which may be of interest.

    Members should introduce themselves first and state there interests. (Investor, Buyer, Moving ect.)

    I hope we can get this up and running because as some of you are already aware Germany is the next boom country! :)
  2. willy01

    willy01 New Member


    I just thought I would start the ball rolling by introducing myself.

    My name is Bryan (Nickname Willy) I am an experienced builder / property developer. As you are probably aware it has become very hard to find any decent property in the UK. So having spent half my life either living or working in Germany it seem to be the obvious choice to start investigating.

    I suppose I had a great advantage speaking fluent German, but what I found out both shocked and excited me. The German property market is well undervalued and available; also the rental market is one of the best in the world. (Buy to let) To cap it all, there are virtually no other developers!

    To cut the story short I have after a year of research took the plunge and bought my first property together with my business partner. (Architect) We are currently refurbishing a block of flats and have a range of future projects.

    My knowledge of Germany is quite good so if you have any questions ask!


  3. Monika Berlin

    Monika Berlin New Member

    Hi Willy,

    Even though not much has happened here lately I'd like to be next. My name is Monika and I work with a British based property specialist featuring listings all over the world. Our website (see in my signature) showcases German properties to provide easy solutions for investors.

    I agree with your take on the German market though. It has been and is still massively undervalued. Especially East Germany offers many bargains and with a modern and growing infrastructure there is just so much to be discovered.

    Like you, I also speak fluent German so if anybody needs help, I'm here to serve.
    Hopefully this forum will pick up some more over the next few weeks, until then I will visit the others and see what's happening around the world.
  4. willy01

    willy01 New Member

    Hi Monika,

    I am glad someone's talking here! I agree with you about East Germany.
    What makes me laugh is that there are people flying over Germany to invest in places like Bulgaria or Slovakia, when they can get a better, safer and potentially more lucrative deal in Germany. Also the flights to Germany are only! 1 – 1 ½ hours away via the usual budget airlines. :confused:



    PS Great website
  5. Rentoroni

    Rentoroni New Member

    I feel like Germany has always been able to maintain, or get back to, a stable economy relatively quickly even with the worst upsets. The policies are usually very good and although the taxes are high, it is still possible to make a profit.
  6. Monika Berlin

    Monika Berlin New Member

    Hi Bryan,

    Thanks for the lovely comments regarding the site.
    Yes, those flights really make the distance seem so small. Funny you mentioned Bulgaria. Being hailed as a secure investment in the last couple of years I actually saw a documentary not so long ago where one investor lady thought she bought a great investment but couldn't sell it after owning the property for over one year.

    Perhaps there is an oversupply which is only making matters worse. What do you think? Do you know much about the market there?

  7. Lewis

    Lewis New Member

    Hello People,
    Germany has been the backbone of my business for the last couple of years. I lived there for seven years back in the seventies and have always had a soft spot for her.
    I spend as much of my time as I can in the Saxony region Dresden/Meissen in particular and it has to be the most underrated and undervisisted tourist haven in Europe - there literally is something for everyone.
    Friendly, welcoming, beautiful, so easy to get to now that Gatwick is flying to Dresden. We also fly in to Hannover from Southampton and use it as an excuse to drive through the Herz down to Thuringia and then eastwards - breathtaking.
    Goslar just has to be seen.
    My retirement plans include Meissen/Dresden area - a few short years away. My business partner has bought himself the most georgious old pub in a sleepy little village just off the autobahn about 25 mins drive from the Neustadt.
    We intend to get fat rich and old in the area (If I said how much this pub cost him - you'd believe it because you'e seen it first hand the other posters here would think I was lying. My Dreiseitenhof cost me just a few thousand more.
    I am a very happy and contented little boy at the prospect. BTW have you boated through the Spreewald yet - just got back from a week away and we spent some time in Lubbenau - most relaxing couple of days I've had in many a year - lovely.
    Enough - I don't work for the tourist board and I've got some beautiful properties in Berlin to sell so I must off and do my duty.
    Never need much of an excuse to talk about Germany though.
  8. Nest Egg

    Nest Egg New Member

    Hi All... I have to agree with you all. We have just tied up with a German Partner and have found some fantastic opportunites in a number of regions.

    Not only are we buying ourselves but so are our clients. Our portfolio is building quite rapidly too as we're able to secure some fabulous funding of up to and over 85% in a number of cases.

    Our main focus is in Magdeburg and Leipzig although we are looking to work with stock from Hanover and Berlin, although the deals there are harder to stack up attractively. All in all though the indicators look healthy for Germany... I believe we're at the beginning of the cycle there.

    www. nesteggwealth.co.uk
    [email protected]
  9. investinvalue

    investinvalue New Member

    My name is Daniel,
    I am a private investor in Germany and despite the credit crunch, I do continue to invest in german property. Personnaly, I prefer Bavaria, Baden-Wuerttemberg as GDP/inhabitant is higher and unemployment lower than in East Germany.
    With my buy to lets - LTV of about 80%- I end up paying off the principal and interest and after providing for management and maintenance cost, I am still left with a return on my investment.
    I see this investment as my pension fund as I will end up with a mortgage free property in 20 years generating a huge return on my property.
    Best way to see value in German market is that it is self financing and also cheap vs long term trend. FT did recently start a European real estate index. Sorry cannot post the link yet as I do not reach the 5 posts but it shows the real price of diverse properties in various countries. Look at germany, it stays roughly between 90 and 110. This is ideal as it follows inflation and is currently on the cheap side. For those looking for massive capital gains, Germany is not the place to invest. For those looking to build a pension fund, it is ideal.
    Happy to send you the link later, if needed.
  10. Winnie

    Winnie New Member


    Just joined up today, so thought I'd stick my first message here! I've just come back from Frankfurt, where at first I wasn't impressed at all by the German people I met - until I acted as I should - as a guest in another country!

    I was in Frankfurt on business and only for ten days, but got to know the City fairly well in that time, courtesy of the wonderful Tram system! What a way to get around the City - even if a little expensive.

    We're British and live in Southampton at present, though we do spend a bit of time away traveling, through business. I home-school my son too right now, but of course have to find out about all that kind of stuff in Germany - whether it is allowed etc..

    We are learning German (my son is coming on in leaps and bounds of course - I am a little slower and have to find the time!)

    Our future seems to point to Germany for many reasons, though I am not sure where in Germany we will settle yet. I'd be open to suggestions by "old-timers" in Germany! Some have suggested that nearer the French border is very favourable - I don't think that we could afford to live around Frankfurt anyway!

    We like to be rural, though perhaps not too far from facilities. Just some place where there would be a Junior school and stuff and a bus/tram/train ride to get weekly shopping and browse.

    I'm sure that you'll help me out here, and forgive mistakes I make - I am totally open to suggestions and correction and hope to learn a great deal here before my next trip in the new year.

    I've been on to a couple of Property websites including immoscout of course - and found a few properties that would be highly agreeable. I understand also (and I stand to be corrected) that I can buy a property & have it put into my son's name even though he is only ten years old - at least this is what a lawyer told me.

    So, here's to learning a lot from you good people and nice to be here.
  11. legrandnez

    legrandnez New Member

    Hi all , i like this forum , it is with a huge very interesting ressources for people who want to buy a property in Germany,i get a lot of good informations about what i'm looking for , and a lot of advices,and informations.With many thanks to teepeeseller

    in short, the best forum which i found on the web about germany.

  12. caroline1

    caroline1 New Member

    Hi Daniel,

    I am fromGermany, I am lookign into buying in Bavaria too, but the banks would only give me a 50% mortgage because I am earning in the UK, are you a cash byuer or do you have connections with thhe banks??

  13. Lewis

    Lewis New Member

    Good morning,
    You say you live in Southampton presently. My advice would be to take advantage of the flights into Hannover, hire a care and go drive about in the Harz mountains (approx 1 hour and you are in the middle of them) (autobahn congestion here can cause problems and delays however) in the west Goslar would make a superb base to look around from and further East a lovely (less specatacular than Goslar) little market town call Wernigerode would make a good relaxing break. It can all be done on a very limited budget and the worst thing that can happen to you is you've had a fun holiday.
    The Dresden/Leipzig/Potsdam triangle is a wonderful area - exceptionally cheap, never too far from international communications you can live rurally but still be in a large city in half an hour. It is for these reasons I chose Dresden area over anywhere else I have visited as the ideal retirement (summer) spot - I run away for a few weeks every winter.
    If you're looking for a small town take a look at Goerlitz on the Polish border - stunning and a big enough town to fill most requirements with Dresden, Berlin, Leipzig, Prague and Krakow still being close enough to conveniently drive/train to for a weekend.
    From Moselle valley to the French border is reasonably cheap still and a lovely area. The best weather as you would expect is to the south and Lake Constance/Bodensee is about as idyllic as it gets - the prices there reflect this however.
    Good luck - I doubt you'll be disappointed no matter where you choose in Germany.
  14. german ophile

    german ophile New Member

    Here, here.

    It is hard to be disappointed with Germany. The few exceptions to this stand out like a sore thumb so you won't miss them.

    I agree with Teepee seller on much of his suggestions. I would go Dresden for beauty and price or Lake Constance for sheer beauty.
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