New Channel 4 Property Show - Coast V Country - Seeking Applicants

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    Hi all,

    I work for Freeform Productions, who make the property show "A Place In The Sun". We are making a brand new UK based Channel 4 series titled "Coast V Country", and we are currently looking for applicants to take part in the series.

    The format of the show is to find house hunters who are in a dilemma between deciding to move to a coastal location, or the countryside. Once selected, they are shown properties in both locations, to decide which option overall is really for them. By doing this we showcase the truly beautiful parts of the UK, from the amazing beaches we have, to the lush countryside areas too.

    If anyone is interested in finding out more, or knows of any people who may be in this dilemma and want the legwork and best properties found for them, please do respond or email [email protected]

    Many thanks,

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