Neighbour Legal Liability



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A neighbour noticed dry rot in roof cavity under eaves which they believe came from water vapour from a boiler flu that I have on side of my house. Houses are in close proximity so vapours come under roof eaves of both houses. My house has experienced no problems.

I have owned house for 5 years and never had any issues related to dry rot nor has neighbour ever brought the matter or any concerns to my attention. As a matter of precaution, I hired a boiler specialist at my own expense to reposition the flu through the roof so that there would be no possible future concerns.

I am unsure whether boiler flu was cause of dry rot damage but it is a reasonable proposition. It can also be do to lack of maintenance i.e. weather-proofing or simply bad luck..

Now, the neighbour would like me to pay costs for repairing the dry rot in their house. I want to remain on good terms with my neighbour but I would also like to know where does the legal liability lie? neighbour? me? or both?

Is there any statutes that can clarify this matter further?

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Dora Wi

I think that first of all you should try to hire an expert who might be able to determine whether it really was your boiler that could have caused the issue and only seek legal advice after this is confirmed.