Need your suggestions!


Ava Charlotte

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Hey folks,
My brother was running a bakery near our house. But recently, he had moved to another place and started a new business of hardware items.
While leaving, he left the refrigerator, which was used in his bakery. It was bought from a shop which sells used and refurbished equipment's, and it still works efficiently. The only problem with it is that the door is sagging!
I'm planning to get it to fix the sagging door and to sell it at a reasonable rate. But now I'm in confusion whether I need to sell the refrigerator, including the repair cost. Or please suggest to me what cost do I need to sell it?
As I see different prices for used refrigerators on various sites, I'm confused about fixing the rate. Can you guys please help me to decide the price for the fridge?
I'm eagerly waiting for your reply!


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Depends on the model and how old the refrigerator is. I would get a cost estimate and then compare the prices. If you can sell the refrigerator like this, do it without repairs. Then you have less stress. Perhaps the buyer would prefer to buy the refrigerator as it is because he can repair the refrigerator himself more cheaply.