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need to see property within 25 miles of puerto banus

Discussion in 'Buying Overseas Property' started by dogsballs, Jun 11, 2008.

  1. dogsballs

    dogsballs New Member

    hi guys am in puerto banus at end of june for two weeks would like to see some property while there what im interested in is

    villa can be in need of modernization but prefere biggish plot

    3-4 beds

    not in holiday development as plan to live in this all year

    not in the wilds of no-where but would consider smallish farm as daughter mad on horses

    would consider outside the 25 mile radius but would need to see photos before i commit to travel

    bank repos so on welcome

    cash buyer up to 400 000 sterling

    also if people have business property for sale or businesses would be interested to hear

    sellers must be prepared to be realistic as i have also lost quite a lot on my own home hear around 150 000 sterling to be precise

    great site this
  2. Damian George

    Damian George New Member

  3. out2c4us

    out2c4us New Member

    Property search at end June

    Hi there.
    Several things come to mind especially a super multipurpose flat in Malaga town (a little bit further and not a house as you require) but a really interesting period property which can be used for a multitude of purposes.

    Then there is a very special new development in the Torremuelle area which will be ready next year. Very modern contemporary living on three floors, parkland right in front (and the neighbours have horses ... which exercise regularly...)

    If you want any further details let me know.
  4. dogsballs

    dogsballs New Member

    no flats thanks or anything in malaga town also no developments if im going to be living there i dont want to be beside empty properties or different neighbours every week.
    thanks for your help

    have sent email to Damian
  5. hammer65

    hammer65 New Member

    Hi Dogsballs
    I live and work in Duquesa and have several properties within 25 miles of Peurto Banus
    that would fit the bill.

    Email me at [email protected] and I will send you some details
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