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Need someone from Slovakia!

Discussion in 'Emerging Property in Europe' started by blazwww, Jun 2, 2008.

  1. blazwww

    blazwww New Member


    I am looking to buy one property in Slovakia (Tatre), and have some qustions about Slovakia property.

    If somene here is from Slovakia please PM me!

    thank you,

  2. berger

    berger New Member


    What questions have you?
    And what's your budget. There are many around who venture into shopping hoping they can make the deals of their lives with 5000 pounds in their pockets. Quite a fortune!
    Regarding your question about investing in High Tatras area, generally it is not very convenient. There are a lot of possibilities to find cheap rent in private houses, so rental return is low. Another factor is the increased price of properites. The time to get good capital growth is over as almost everywhere in Eastern Europe except for Russia. My recomendation is thus invest in Russia. I do it for a couple of years and have quite succes.

  3. ProperDub

    ProperDub New Member

    Might be too late

    Hi blazwww,

    I am from Slovakia, even though I have been living in Dubai last 2 years.

    Few years ago investment in real estate market in Slovakia was a good idea and you could experience 30% pa growth, however these times are over.

    In your business case you could still play a little bit with Euro introduction, becoming effective by 1st Jan 2009. But as the prices are already matching prices in neighbors countries, do not expect high ROI. This is the case for Tatras, not just for big cities.

    Another factor to contemplate when investing in Tatras is climate change, in Slovakia is it HUGE. Be aware that Tatras suffer a lot with almost no natural snow and people tend to prefer Alps in Austria as the prices are same and level of service obviously higher.

    If I were you I would be extremely cautious and look for insights directly from the area in Tatras you plan to invest in.
  4. maaja

    maaja New Member

    Some more info I found, maybe helpfull..

    Slovakia is the fastest growing economy in central Europe
    Property prices are rising at approx 10% per annum
    Year round rental potential at 6-8% yield
    Flat 19% tax rate - one of the best tax regimes in the world
    Slovak currency appreciating at approximately 4% per annum
    Entry to the Eurozone in 2009
    It Joined the EU in May 2004

    Bratislava has a well developped real estate market, and there are more and more developpers comming to Slovakia.

    Im from east of Slovakia, where the prices are still low but predicted to grow in several years.

  5. newera

    newera New Member

    Any idea of any new developments in centre of Bratislava? Any change on prices now?
  6. timatthebeach

    timatthebeach New Member

    dont know slovakia but have bought (and started company in czech republic) the lawyers i use have offices in bratislava and i am sure would answer questions on any legal queries you may have on the process there. they speak good english their details are below.

    advokátní kancelář, v.o.s.

    JUDr. Petr Štovíček


    KŠD ŠŤOVÍČEK advokátní kancelář, v.o.s.


    Hvězdova 1716/2b
    140 78 Praha 4, Czech Republic
    Tel.: +420 221 412 611
    Fax: +420 222 254 030

    [email protected]
    K?D ??OVÍ?EK v.o.s.
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