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Need Large Projects Worldwide

Discussion in 'Buying Overseas Property' started by JazzTouch42, Feb 16, 2008.

  1. JazzTouch42

    JazzTouch42 New Member

    We have a large very well experienced Buying group looking to purchase the following types of commercial properties worldwide: Resorts,Condo Developments,Mall sites,Abandoned properties,Land w/entitlements from $150Million and up and the properties must be discounted at least 40%,no exception.

    The Buyer will be paying all Cash and can close within 60 days,if you are a direct seller or sellers rep and have immediate properties that fall within this criteria,then contact me with specifics. Provide your contact name and e-mail.

    Thank you,
    Don C.
  2. New Home in Turkey

    New Home in Turkey New Member

    Would your investors be interested in Turkey?
  3. oregon woodsmoke

    oregon woodsmoke New Member


    "........the properties must be discounted at least 40%, no exception."? ....''

    He means his investors will only pay 60% of fair market value, at the very most. They are looking for very good bargains. If property would sell for $100,000, the most they will pay for it is $60,000.

    Most likely what they want to pay is the 60% of the value, minus all the repair costs. So if the property I use as an example above needs $20,000 to finish it, they will only pay $60,000- $20,000, or $40,000 for the property.
  4. PropExcel

    PropExcel New Member

    Thanks Senior

    Hi Oregon,

    Thanks a lot for your easy explanation. But it seems very wonder that JazzTouch42 deals 40% discount on purchasing a property. How is it possible? did any business happened as before? In my experience the properties that has any litigation only dealt in this way. is it right?

  5. oregon woodsmoke

    oregon woodsmoke New Member

    Siva, getting properties that cheap does not happen often, but it can happen.

    Usually there is something to cause distress for the seller. Perhaps they have run out of money and can't make the payments and the bank is about to foreclose. Or there has been a death that affects the ownership.

    I got one very nice bargain when the seller had neglected to pay his income taxes and he had to have cash immediately to pay the IRS (Internal Revenue Service) or risk going to prison.

    Sometimes the properties are purchased very cheaply from the bank after thay have foreclosed.

    Nobody is getting normal every day properties for 40% discount. Nobody is finding many properties for 40% discount.

    But if you hunt for the properties and keep looking, you can find a few of them. You notice that the original poster is telling everyone he comes in contact with that he is buying discounted properties. At some point, someone that he asks will know where one is available.
  6. New Home in Turkey

    New Home in Turkey New Member

    What really does count is to have a good scouting team, on the field, looking for good opportunities.

    Although %40 seems high for a discount, I agree with Oregon that it is highly probable to find this opportunity. However, no such discount is achievable without one major tool: cash!

    As long as you have it, you have the most powerful tool...
  7. DC

    DC Member

    Yes, I spoke to you before and then nothing, I dont know folks if this post is real.
  8. pvtbank2003

    pvtbank2003 New Member

    looking to purchase

    Yes, I have properties in UAE and also in DUBAI. I represent few important clients (sellers) and operate professionaly. Please email your requirements to pvtbank2003 at yahoo dor com and terms and conditions. Also, let me know more about you and your profile. Regards,
  9. RedSeaHomes

    RedSeaHomes New Member

    i do have in Egypt, Along RED SEA.
    I represent the seller. is this area interest you.
    a hotel for sale in Hurghada for 100,000,000 sterling.???
    Another hotel in Sharm for 450,000,000 usd ?
    Elotfy at redsea-homes dot com
  10. Tereza C.

    Tereza C. New Member

    Im working for a big developer in Dubai and we have many projects around middle east. Would you concider investing in a building?
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