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    I have a colleague with a very large and financially aggressive 5 Start Hotel and Resort package that is is need of funding. This endeavor includes but is not limited to, 5 Star Ecology Friendly Hotels, Casinos, Time Share Concerns, Condominiums, Golf Courses and Private Homes. The first of these situations are located in Central America and the Caribbean.

    First stage funding is 5B and 500M is needed to start the funding vehicle. Principal will provide AA rated MTN's after the first tranche of 500M and this will act as the collateral for the 5B. Many more stages to follow after initial funding is in place.

    The rate of return for you investor is outstanding.
  2. DC

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    500 million

    I think you are better talking to VCs and Investments banks.
  3. Chavo

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    What country specifically?

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    I'm interested in more info on this project and
    would be very happy to talk to you about securing the funding you need.
    J. S.

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    I have Funds In place please contact

    I have Fund In place please contact me Investorsparadise net

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    well what do you like as far as investments go?

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