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Need info on Aphrodite Hills Glof Resort

Discussion in 'Cyprus Property' started by H Boss, Nov 22, 2007.

  1. H Boss

    H Boss New Member

    Hi All

    I went to Cyprus last mouth and was not happy with the build finish of some of the new build it was very poor. But Aphrodite Hills was of a very high standerd. The price of the apartments are very high. Can anyone till me if this is a good investment do anyone know someone that owns a property there.


    H Boss
  2. scozzy

    scozzy New Member


    Aphrodite Hills was a good investment- before it became a developed holiday resort. Now unless you intend to own a property for a long period of time and don't care about the oppurtunity cost of not putting your money elsewhere; or you have pots of money and want the lifestyle of living there, DONT BUY THERE.

    Equally, there are countless rumours of new 'planned' golf courses. One of my agents recently purchased a few very cheap apartments overlooking fields. It was sold to him as 'front row' for a new golf course around larnaca. I must make it clear there are no plans in teh planning office for any such course. So I took a look at the survey plan, and as it turns out, even if a golf course was built; there is a ransom strip of land right in front of his view- on which more apartments would be built.

    If you are truly buying for investment, not because you like Aphrodite hills- Buy on the Tsada Golf course. It is a 30 year old Golf course built on the grounds of an ancient monestary. Pafilia have just spent over 32 million redesigning the course, and you can find it on architecturenews. www . worldarchitecturenews. com, just search for 'tsada'. The golf course has no facilities at the moment, but you can see what is planned- Tsada will be relaunched next year as Minthis hills and will become the leading golf resort. A lot of property is to be built on site, but no hotel. The course is outlined in my research- see below.

    However, Having done a lot of research on this recently (I am putting together a consortium to invest in a very large villa myself) you are better off (in terms of running costs and ReturnOnInvestment) buying just outside the golf course, a walk or short drive away.

    I can send you my research in a word document, I do work for a developer, which is why I am in the loop ahead of marketing and the general public. I wont bombard you with spam because I am not a sales person. I have drawn all projections from third parties, and I have tried to calculate all of the geniune figures as close as possible, not only because I have been in property for a long time now- but also because I plan to buy one myself and I am not horrendously liquid 90% of the time.

    email me at

    s.cozzolino @ pafilia .c om (delete the spaces, I am new to the forum so I cant post email addresses) and I will send you the info.

    If you want to invest, buy early. 99.99999999% of people advertising 'investments' don't know the meaning of the word. You want return, if you buy on Aphrodite hills for a rental prospect you will just end up paying for the golf course to operate, you will see small appreciation but this course is too toppy now.
  3. H Boss

    H Boss New Member

    Hi Scozzy

    Thanks your info I will think about what you have to say.

    Kind regards

    H Boss
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