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Discussion in 'Caribbean Real Estate' started by zackn, Mar 18, 2008.

  1. zackn

    zackn New Member

    Hi there,

    Need an agent to sell my beachfront land mass In Atlantic Nicaragua
    experience in selling central america property is great.
    selling for 1.5 - 2mil (10%,commission)
    need a winner not a wild card.

    I can pay bonus if the agent can operate under a time table.
    I believe experience in this region is crucial and/or an established client list in emergin markets.

    Thank you for the consideration,

  2. David howe

    David howe New Member

    Good luck, with this as I have no doubt it will not be easy.
  3. zackn

    zackn New Member

    answer to david....


    Why do you think so....?
    Educate me...?

    thanks a lot...

  4. David howe

    David howe New Member

    We are entering into recession and it is a large quantom
  5. zackn

    zackn New Member

    answer for recession...

    Indeed a recession will make south/central america properties less attractive to American and European is a buyer market, i agree with that.

    It's so much that land owners would have to adjust their price point to keep their properties as atractive to americans like before the real estate market plumeted . I agree.

    I was wondering why you have never asked me about the price point...and maybe it is the time to tell you. 1.25MIL , which translates to less than 200k per KM of beach front. I guess I could buy for less but not much less in other emergin markets.

    Ortega yes , Ortega no....political turmoils etc...great price point is still a king in any real estate transaction. Many people are afraid og Nica and I understand why....there is a political uncertainty and bad political inclination but Ortega will not stay forever and he is also the owner of real estate holdings in Nicaragua Pacific coast. He also knows that it is his last session in power and it is a good time to make friends not enemies.

    Nationalisation is absulotly something that will not happened this time around.


  6. coolhandluke121360

    coolhandluke121360 New Member

    I can help u since I am familiar with Nicaragua and have friends and family there. kNOW THE MAJOR HOTELS THAT ARE MOVING INTO THAT REGION TOO.
  7. zackn

    zackn New Member

    email me : [email protected]
  8. oregen

    oregen New Member

    Well sorry I know it is difficult but I cannot help you

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