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Hi everyone,
I bought a house in Phuket some years ago, thinking that i would be living in it, but we decided to move away, and it's been empty for most of the time. I would like to make the most out of this investment, as it's a really nice place. Could anyone recommend any reliable agencies I could advertise with overseas that could potentially list my house for short/long term rentals?
Any other suggestions on other things I could do, apart from listing it with local agencies, would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.


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Your property

Try listing it with Siam real estate as they have a large client base. You could market it yourself build a site etc and submit it to agencies and post it in travel forums etc. Many people list their properties on ebay and other such sites. Try listing it in the holiday section of a local newspaper, think about where you would look if you were looking for a holiday rental and go from there.


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Phuket Real Estate has been in business since the late 90's. Give us a try.

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