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Need 10 Studios International City for Sale

Discussion in 'Dubai property' started by saladino78, Jan 20, 2009.

  1. saladino78

    saladino78 New Member

    I have client want to buy (10) studios in international city.
    Better in Italy, France, England, Spane.
    I need it Direct from owner or Good Price from any one, with title deed, must be vacant.
    Please send me your offer .


    050 8799521
  2. farrka

    farrka New Member

    I have a studio for sale in Spain 08, top floor with balcony, land registered - price 490,000 - please call if interested 050 5149164.
  3. Lime24

    Lime24 New Member

    Are you still looking to buy?

    Hi, do you still have clients who are looking to buy direct from the owner. If so, I have a studio apartment to sell in the Greece cluster of International City. You may contact me for more details and a favourable price on: 07950960457 thanks.
  4. FALKI

    FALKI New Member

    I have two studios in Italy Sector ground floor being vacated in July 09 title deed in hand. if interested e mail [email protected] with price offered. thanks
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