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NE Brazil property search

Discussion in 'Brazil Property' started by Jer, Mar 27, 2008.

  1. Jer

    Jer New Member

    I have just booked my flight and will arrive in Fortaleza on the 17th of April. I plan on looking at beach land properties to the East and West of the city. I'm wondering if anyone is interested in meeting for some drinks to chat about your experiences buying/owning in these areas. I hope to get in touch with a lawyer and some property agents in advance to set up appointments. As this will be my first visit to Brazil, I'm a little nervous about the trip (language barrier, safety, avoiding ripoffs, etc).

  2. michaelbush

    michaelbush New Member

    Congratulations!! At least you are going to check out these sites. Before you enter the closing room, make sure your credit cards and money are locked in the hotel safe! Try to check, with help, the local classified ads for lands, make sure the contract of sale includes terms for the infrastructure they promise, check the plots can be identified, check how far in reality they are from the beach, and what other developments there are in the area. What appears to be cheap to you will be a fortune for a local so re-sale will need another Gringo to buy from you. Don't believe all the hype you will get, and do not use the agents' lawyer, get your own.Identify your reasons for investing. Good luck with the trip.
  3. Jer

    Jer New Member

    Thanks, good advice!
  4. bana1104

    bana1104 New Member

    Hi Jr,

    I think i will go to fortaleza at that time too but i couldn't confirm yet. I will meet with my protuguese friends who lives there and has many properties. If you r interested to meet will be ok for me i'm portuguese but i work in uk so about the language you don't need to care :D just about the other things :D

    regards and speak with you soon when i will have a confirmatio to go to brazil

  5. robert_baron

    robert_baron New Member

    Have Brazil NorthEast Knowledge

    I am a Canadian that has had business dealings in Ceara Brazil that go back to 1980. I just arrived in Fortaleza for a visit and know some reputable people that speak English and have helped many foreign people purchase here with no surprises. I would be very happy to talk to you further when you arrive here.
  6. Camelungi

    Camelungi New Member



    I live close to Fortaleza. pm me if you wish to meet up. I can tell you about abit about the areas around here - I am not in property investing so I wont be selling



  7. ana albor

    ana albor New Member

    Jer..We will arrive in Fortaleza on the 24th and are planning to do the same as you. Searching for lots, homes and attorney. My wife is from Argentina so I feel better about the language barrier. If you are still there when we arrive we can get together to exchange ideas. Thank you in advance.
  8. ana albor

    ana albor New Member

    I would like to have some advice concerning condos or plots in Ceara. We are arriving there in April and our goal is to travelling along the coast and visiting some places to have contact with real state agents. Our dream would be to purchase a plot or a condo for our retirement in a future. I am argentine and my husband american. Any independent lawyer to trust?
  9. robert_baron

    robert_baron New Member

    I am sorry I will not be there until May. I do know some people that can help you but there may be a language barrier. How is your portuguese? If you reply I can connect you with reliable people. What I have learned is that for any purchase you need a copy of the property "matricula" that is only valid for six months. This will confirm the owner. It is common to be sold land by a squatter or someone other than the owner. Greed is a big driving force. Aristotle said it and it still holds true! The people I know that can help are honest.
  10. theadebo

    theadebo New Member

    Hi, I´m English and live in the Fortaleza area. I know the west coast of the state better than the east. Happy to meet anyone that comes this way looking for friendly, honest advice.

    All the best
  11. ana albor

    ana albor New Member

    Today we talked with a lawyer , Jose Santiago to start our papers, CPF , etc. We are also making some appoiments with few real state agents to know about some condos or plots available. I can understand pretty well the written portuguese but I know that they speak very fast. Thank you very much for your advices. And of course we would like to meet you Adebo. We will appreciate the advices from an english gentleman.
  12. robert_baron

    robert_baron New Member

    The reason I asked about the language is that I know a good real estate agent that may be of help but his english is limited. They are well connected with Fortaleza. You can tell them you were referred by Robert from Canada.
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  13. JMBroad

    JMBroad New Member

    Probably best to keep private phone numbers to private messages - I edited the information and sent all the details to Ana in a private message.
  14. ana albor

    ana albor New Member

    Thank you very much JM Broad. I got it!
  15. robert_baron

    robert_baron New Member

    you are welcome. I was not aware that contacts should be sent directly to you. Now I know. I am developing a property at the port of Pecem. More for low income housing and warehousing. All the best. Would like to meet in the future.
  16. JMBroad

    JMBroad New Member

    Not a huge deal more to protect the privacy of the people whose number it is :) Good luck with your search
  17. Hi,
    Before I bought my plot, the sister company based in Forteleza of their developer gave me a site tour of both their sites. They were very helpful and because of them and seeing the location and plots with my own eyes, it helped me make my purchasing decision. If you would like help, your welcome to email me and I will give you the details of the guys who took me around.
  18. Sao P

    Sao P New Member

    I would assume that everyone needs to see what they are buying to make a "purchasing decision" ? Maybe I missed something ?
  19. Frank_London

    Frank_London New Member

    I understand it is a good idea for small and medium investors with retirement and second home plans to have the first contact with the country and culture. For large inverstors and investment funds that is not an essential requirement since they only see the numbers.
  20. theadebo

    theadebo New Member

    Looking forward to meeting you guys. I would have offered you help to get your CPF´s. Lawyers offer this service and charge quite heftily for it but all you really need is to bring your personal documents here with you, fill in a form and submit it. You´ll get your CPF number within a few days and your card within a couple of months.

    That is to say, you could have done it yourself here (especially as you read Portuguese), quickly and with very little expense.
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