Nations Hotel Panama with 2 yr Guaranteed Leaseback program



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Nations Hotel Panama

is offering what could be the best Real Estate deal in Panama to date.

In association with GLS Property Services units in the Hotel are being offered with a 2 year leaseback program that gives you a fixed return each month.

The owner has only to make payment on the mortgage. All other costs are covered in the Leaseback.

The amount paid is equal to 6%.

Units start in price from $139,900 of a 34 Sq Hotel room.

Nations Hotel will be located right in the heart of Panama City.

Panama is one of the few countries in the world that is still continuing to move forward in construction and has not been internally effected by the credit crisis.

This has been mainly due to a stable economy that was not based of tourism alone.

Panama has the Canal to bring in money, it has the 2nd largest Free Trade Zone for import export, and one of the largest banking sectors in the world.

Panama banks are resposible to control money laundering activities around the world.

Off Shore banking is also a large provider of business to the country.

There is a shortage of quality Hotel rooms in the city.

Nations Hotel is not a project based on possible number and ratios. The occupancy levels and high room rates are a proven fact.

For more details on the Nations Hotel Panama and this great leaseback

contact me ASAP




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There is now a sort video on You Tube for the Nations Hotel Panama

[ame=""]YouTube - Nations Hotel Panama[/ame]

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