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Nakheel launches Waterfront district V/S Emaar Launch Asmara

Discussion in 'Dubai property' started by New_Investor, May 18, 2008.

  1. New_Investor

    New_Investor Banned

    Dear All,

    Following is a link for information of the new launch of nakeel on 25th of may

    Nakheel launches sales for Waterfront district - Real Estate -

    Emaar is also launching Asmara on the 20th of May - i guess the war of launching has started . lol

    Please discuess all your views about the 2 launches in terms of pricing and prospected capita appreciation from the point of view of developer, location ..etc..

    I hope this will help to shed more light for the same.

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  2. LuckyNumber

    LuckyNumber New Member

    Good question.

    You have the faithful Nakheel followers and the faithful Emaar crowd I'm sure there will be heavy demand for both projects. Bawadi needs infastructure and who better to build it than Emaar - who consistently deliver nearly on time.

    On the other hand you have Nakheel who are always late but do good developments that have higher and fastercap incresaes than Emaar. My money will be on Nakheel. Although the new Emaar one does look very interesing and Bawadi will be a spectacular development one day.

    Sounds like I am sitting on the fence, two very good and different developments.
  3. New_Investor

    New_Investor Banned

    Very true, i guess we can compare as follows



    * Reputable developer
    * Delivery on time


    * Asmara location is far in the desert
    * Initial asking prices by Emaar are usually high (leads to limited appreciation)
    * Infrastructure yet to be developed.



    * Waterfront
    * Very accessible from SHK road & near to free zoon and JBL Airport
    * Competitive prices (as mentioned on the article - for medium and moderate income individuals)


    * Nakeel has a history of delay in completion
    * Not much of attention for details (international city sewerage problem)
    * Poor customer service

    This is from my personal point of view (I might be wrong)

  4. LuckyNumber

    LuckyNumber New Member

    agree 100%, you couldn't have put it any better!
  5. cheers

    cheers New Member


    The launch of Nakheel looks good - any idea if small new comers like me can participate by way of availing finance. The market seems to be always wanting cash. Can anyone explain how to go about for an investment with Nakheel? I have given up my chase on Discovery Gardens as the demand now is for cash.
  6. LuckyNumber

    LuckyNumber New Member

  7. Aryan Khan

    Aryan Khan Guest

    Hey any there working with nakheel?
  8. New_Investor

    New_Investor Banned

    Any idea what finance options ara availalbe for Badra?
  9. LuckyNumber

    LuckyNumber New Member

    pretty much everyone finances Nakheel. If it is in place or not, that I have no idea
  10. cheers

    cheers New Member

    Hi guys - Badrah looks good. Any details on the launch and expected price per sq foot. Which companies are providing finance for badrah?? I am keen to participate in the launch.

    What is your take on Badrah as an investment option for a 50 % appreciation till completion??

    Thanks luckynumber for the link -i seem to be liking this project!
  11. LuckyNumber

    LuckyNumber New Member

    50% No problem

    But inflation will eat into a lot of that...Inflation is a joke here.
  12. New_Investor

    New_Investor Banned

    Dear All,

    any one knows any contact within nakeel? i'd like to book into badrah but it's not an easy task, i sent request over their website, called their call center without any use!!!!
  13. New_Investor

    New_Investor Banned

    Hi, i'm looking to buy in Badrah Nakheel but couldnt secure an appointment, if any one or agent could help, please contact me hesham.naeem at gmail
  14. Vicks

    Vicks New Member


    Got an email back from Nakheel and i regsitered ages ago.

    Dear Vivek Malhotra,

    Thank you for registering your interest in Badrah and Nakheel.

    Due to the overwhelming response to our launch we are no longer able to offer appointments for this particular release. However we are creating a priority waiting list to ensure that you will be notified of the future launches of Badrah.

    We would like to reassure you that your name has been registered on this list and we look forward to keeping you informed with updates in the near future.

    Thank you again for your interest.

    Kind regards,
    Nakheel Customer Services Team'

  15. New_Investor

    New_Investor Banned

    Same happen to me while i registerd my interest on MAY 19th ( Day of Announcment)
  16. firstinvestor

    firstinvestor New Member

    no pt goin thru emails n fone bookings.. my mate registered on the fone 18th may but he got an appointment for 26th may

    ther r 2 sales days: 25th & 26th

    however, everythin is gone, booked, finito.

    ppl hav got their hands in nakheel's agents pockets and left a nice tip of 2%

    im buyin 2 units (dirt cheap studios from 6 lakhs uptil 3 b/r townhouses for 2.2 million)

    but if anyone wants to sell on the same day, i'll b happy to buy at a reasonable premium
    lemme knw,

    manghnani at eim dot ae
    djhijacker at hotmail dot com
  17. MMSM

    MMSM New Member

    Phase 2 for asmaran launched on the 31st. complete sell out again. current premiums are 7-8%.

    I just loovee how emaar properties appreciate in such a short period of time.

    Before the next launch, prices will definitely rise again by 5-6%.

    BTW, Phase 1 are selling at 10+% premiums.
  18. & same here

  19. investorppty

    investorppty New Member

    Dear Sir..I would appreciate if Nakheel could include me on the pre-launch/launch mailing list. Plse advsie how to go about it?....
  20. Vicks

    Vicks New Member

    Its a waste of time registering over the internet. You are better off phoning them and IF you get thru, you will be kept on hold for maybe HOURS then after this you get through, JUST make sure you book an appointment then ask questions.

    BETTER still make a trip to Dubai and on pot luck hopefully you will be able to get an appointment. OR if there is a tip off on these threads then follow up after researching.

    We try to help.
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