My semi/link detached is now a terrace


kate hester

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Hi, I'm looking for advice.

We purchased a semi link detached 3 bed house in 2009 and have just put it on the market. We have been informed that this is now a terrace house - do I have any standing legally as being mis-sold?

Any advice would be appreciated. This is our house - the link aspect is our neighbours bathroom connected over our drive through for parking/garages.

Thanks in advance.


Nicholas Wallwork

Nicholas Wallwork

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Hi Kate,

It looks like a bit of a grey area and open to interpretation in my opinion... it’s not a full terraced property either is it so you can see the confusion in how to best describe it.

Also you presumably bought the house and liked it to buy it and the description didn’t matter to you. This will be the case for any new buyer as well and the description won’t change that...

I wouldn’t worry about it personally as everybody views a property anyway as I said so claiming mis-representation will be near impossible I would have thought, especially when there are pictures shown! If you want to be certain you could ask Citizens Advice or a solicitor for their advice (the later costing money...).

Good luck with the sale anyway

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We dont see this type of issue every day!

I think Nick is right, you bought it because you liked what you saw and claiming mis-representation would be very difficult not least because of the pictures. It is a grey area but there will no doubt be others out there who see what you saw in the house when you bought it. I would not be too concerned.