Moving alone to France?

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Hello Guys,
Just casting about for opinions and ideas at the moment.
I planned my move from the UK to the sun for 15 years--and still got it wrong!
First choice was France, 2nd Italy but I took the 3rd option and moved to Cyprus--seemed like a good idea at the time--everyone speaks English, road signs all in English, drive on same side of road etc... Moved to a new house on a development (supposedly under"guarantee"--ha!) as this also seemed like the low maintenance option. Now realize I hate the place.
If I give my likes /dislikes could anyone give their opinions on my chances of living contentedly in France?
Like: space, older houses, QUIET--no traffic---- antique shops, markets, auctions, walking, theatre, drama groups (maybe),I have 2 cats and a dog so want somewhere they will be safe from hunters/ traffic/ animal prisoners (all common in Cyprus!)
Dislike: modern estates, noise, traffic,
I speak, understand and can read and write a reasonable amount of French and have started to relearn via CDs and books (and French movie channels!)
ANY and all advice gratefully received. I shall be living alone in France (apart from said pets) but am used to that as been widowed for several years now.
Many thanks,


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Hi Joseph,
for your kind and informative replies. I really appreciate the trouble taken.
I shall start looking in France later this year, when I can arrange a trip over. I feel now that I will find more the lifestyle I'm looking for in France, rather in Cyprus. Yes, it?s hot here---we're having a heat wave from Greece at the moment so hit 40C on school playing field today (I'm doing a 3 month supply maternity cover as I had nothing else to do!)but the weather isn't everything.
Why haven't I taken to Cyprus? It's soul-less, I find, with little self-identity. Not everywhere is like Ayia Napa (which is rather pretty by the harbour and quiet in winter/spring) but I feel as if I'm living somewhere between Disneyworld and the set of Desperate Housewives...maybe I have just turned into Grumpy Old Woman
Many thanks,
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